Drink It Tuesday: Mi-Sook’s Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

A simple, down-to-earth, and healthy local beverage is just what the Hamptons needed. Local East Hampton resident and friend, Mi-Sook Dickinson, created Mi-Sook’s Ginger Tea. The chilled ginger and honey can be enjoyed every single day and is made by hand in small batches. Her daughter, Jacqueline Dickinson, assists in crafting the tea and make over 100 bottles weekly.

The concept for creating the business began in 2000 when Mi-Sook worked at the Ross School. Staff at the school would occasionally catch colds and would approach Dickinson for her help. She then extending her skill outside her home and began making the ginger tea for colleagues and friends. A few days after enjoying a bottle of her tea, they would express how well and rejuvenated they felt. Each sip perks you up and gives your immune system a “pep talk.”

“I started making the tea at home, peeling and chopping everything by hand,” said Dickinson. “I get my honey locally from the farmer’s market next to Mecox Dairy Farm owned by Art Ludlow’s brother. “You can really taste the honey and fresh flowers in the tea.”

I feel incredible after each bottle. My husband is as fond of her tea as I am. Her tea is truly unique and so different from anything I have ever tried. It is as fresh as fresh can be.

You can get creative with the tea by using it as a mixer for cocktails, marinating chicken, incorporating it into a sauce, or serving over ice at your backyard get-together.

Each bottle is 8 ounces and retails for about $6-7, depending upon the market. You can purchase her homemade Ginger Tea at Mary’s Marvelous, The Green Thumb, Balsam Farms, The Golden Pear Café in Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton. Dickinson is in the process of expanding her market in New York City. Her first client and business partnership was with The Green Thumb in Watermill.



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