Drink it Tuesday: Yoga and a Juice Press Cleanse Review


After indulging in banana and original flavored rum cakes topped with a spoonful of Cool Whip, handfuls of frosted pretzels sprinkled with tiny festive nonpareils, and generously sliced pieces of fudge cake, my body told me it was time to cleanse. I had spoiled myself with vast quantities of desserts for the past few weeks after arriving home from the Caribbean where I enjoyed a very healthy and wholesome diet of plantains, avocado, chicken, cabbage, and rice.

I looked no further than The Juice Press, which has been my go-to spot for fresh, cold pressed juices and smoothies. I decided that since this would be my first ever cleanse of any kind (can you believe it!?), I wanted to create my own cleanse where I listen to my own likes and dislikes and particular ingredients that would fit well with my active lifestyle. I exercise no less than six times a week and I often teach/participate in multiple classes a day, so I needed to create a cleanse that could provide enough energy throughout the days of the cleanse.

I created a three day, or a three and a half day, as I wanted to ease my way into my first-ever cleanse. The half day to start let me have a taste of what to expect during my next three days, with any added taste of dark chocolate and raw coconut to help curb my yearning for confectionery treats. I ended the half day feeling satisfied and had the onset of replenishment and revitalization occurring within my body. The ebony and ivory is one of my favorite raw chocolate desserts they sell and I remember once I sampled it, I just had to purchase it that same day. The coconut sandwiched between the antioxidant-packed dark chocolate is a real treat and the ribbons of coconut oil in each bite melts in your mouth.

The cleanse was a success! Never once did I have a craving for sweets, empty calorie snacks such as crackers or crisps, and I never once felt exhausted, deprived, or ravenous. In fact, quite the opposite. I felt more than satisfied with each juice and ending each day with the JP Black/Chia coconut milk juice was a naturally sweet way to end each full cleanse day. I had steady energy, a sense of focus throughout the day and a feeling of satiation. I began to wonder about how many calories I must consume during my normal eating habits. It must be more than 2,200 calories or even 2,500. I would assume that most of use tend to underestimate the number of calories we take in (and burn off) will exercising. If you want to keep track of your daily intake, I highly recommend a food journal. It is the best way to track your eating patterns and make small changes to your diet plan.

Below you will find a complete outline of the cleanse I created for myself, including the workouts I did each day and the calorie count:

Self-designed Juice Press Cleanse Menu:

Day 1 (Half Day): 

  1.  Be FIT
  2. Mint Chip Protein
  3. Ebony and Ivory

Total Calories (1/2 day)= 700

Workout= One hour of Barre

Day 2:

  1. OMG My Favorite Juice
  2. Heaven on Earth (my favorite)
  3. Carrot and Co
  4. Fountain of Youth
  5. JP Black

Total Calories= 1,550

Workout= 85 minutes of Candlelight Yoga

Day 3:

  1. Love Me
  2. MILF
  3. Watermelon
  4. Doctor Earth
  5. Love at First Sight
  6. JP Black

Total Calories= 1,320

Workout= One hour of Barre

Day 4:

  1. Spicy Citrus
  2. MILF
  3. Lucky 7
  4. Love at First Sight
  5. JP Black Chia

Total Calories= 1,250

Workout= 45 minutes of Spinning / 25 minutes weight training and core exercises / one hour of water aerobics


  1. Raw oatmeal from the Juice Press
  2. Steamed vegetables
  3. Whole fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears
  4. Lean, sauteed meats such as steak and chicken
  5. 3 cups of brown rice green tea
  6. Juice Press smoothies as meal replacements (Heaven on Earth, Mistletoe)

Total weight loss by Tuesday, January 13th: just under 3 lbs

I am currently still in the post-cleanse phase and my goal is to continue to incorporate more of a variety of leafy greens, whole fruits and foods high in fiber and overall, foods that are packed with nutrition. The raw oatmeal, for example, is so creamy and full of flavor with the perfect texture, I could eat this for breakfast everyday. It can be tricky, especially during this winter weather when crave comfort classics such as chicken pot pie, warm apple crisp, and mozzarella sticks (some of my favorites). At the end of the third full day, I really had no desire to go back to feasting on cakes, cookies, or any type of dessert. I had no craving for it. Though when I do,  I will remember to take my time and enjoy each sweet rather than polish one off without a thought.  It is when we make the effort to savor what we eat and take the time to carefully we choose what we consume that we gain that control of our eating habits and choose a healthy lifestyle to live by. Will I do a Juice Press cleanse again? Absolutely!


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