Drink It Tuesday: Zico Coconut Water and Women’s Health Event


This is yet another fabulous brand I found at the Super Saturday event! The gentleman at the booth was so sweet. It was funny I was telling him that I have yet to try a coconut water I like, and he confidently replied with “I think you will find it here!” And you know what, I did! As a matter of fact, I loved my complimentary Zico chocolate coconut water so much. I was telling my husband to try it as well and he really liked it too. It had that perfect blend of chocolate and coconut; it was not watery and had full flavor. I decided to drink it post Spinning classes and it perked me up and gave me that added energy, not a boost, but steady energy that kept me active the rest of the day. After my first sip, I already felt refreshed and rejuvenated.

I came across Zico Coconut Water again at the Women’s Health magazine fitness event at the Fitist Collective at Summer Kicks in East Hampton. The flavors they offered were Mango and Passion Fruit. I had the Mango flavor the following day at work and enjoyed the Passion fruit flavor while I was out and about on Monday and after my morning jog around my neighborhood. I do love my water, but am really starting to love coconut water. I love that these are flavored with all-natural mango and and passion fruit and are not sweet. The coconut water is made from hand harvested Thai coconuts. Other flavors include natural and pineapple.

Above are some photos from the event, what each person received in their gift bags, and some photos of me wearing my two new shirts. As you can see, I was having a ton of fun with the photos! My favorite flavor is still the chocolate! I love the combo and I highly recommend it after an incredible workout. Zico can be purchased at Stop & Shop, Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon, and The Fresh Market, to name a few.

Now about the event: I am an avid fitness type! You name it, I have taken the class, including some extremely challenging and invigorating classes where you definitely feel it the next day. I chose to take the BFX class. The BFX studio is very new! Located in Chelsea in NYC, this intense workout provides a complete, multi-discipline cross-training approach to the boutique fitness scene. BFX created a unique workout exclusively for the FITiST Collective (a collection of boutique fitness classes in one location). This team taught a mash up class that combined BFX signature Build and Burn into one unique 60-minute workout. Combining slow, intense muscle building exercises with the fast, powerful moves of high intensity interval training, this class was dynamic and effective. Kettlebells, UGI balls, gliders and plyometric exercises will be used for this challenging and fun workout. I have never felt my body ache the evening after a workout, only the next day! I could feel the results already! I will be taking another class ASAP! I wish they had a studio in the Hamptons, or at least held classes on the weekends. The instructors were so personable and made their way around the class to each student to make corrections and provide options for the moves.

All of the classes sound so great! Another particular favorite class there is the 305 Fitness class, a dance cardio class that incorporate weights and dynamic stretching. Latoya Julce, the instructor, is dynamite! It was so much fun dancing around the Fitist studio. Latoya really pushes you to do your best the entire way through! Classes will be available through Labor Day weekend.

Proceeds from the class went to benefit the FEED foundation. In addition, the ladies from Women’s Health had samples of Tom’s of Maine deodorant (my one and only brand for deodorant), Olay Body Wash, and pouches of Eden pistachios and pumpkin seeds.

For more information about Zico Coconut Water, including recipes, please visit http://www.zico.com.


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