Drink It Tuesday: Sahara Tea

Sahara Tea

Sahara Tea has recently launched single serve tea bags. Sahara Tea is a premium wellness tea company based in Toronto, Ontario. All of their teas are hand-blended and made from high quality, all-natural ingredients. Sahara Tea serves in restaurants, gourmet grocery stores, yoga studios and spas across the world.

To add a little spice to your wellness regime, Sahara Tea boasts a premium collection of wellness teas that are soothing, delicious and naturally good for you. Their wellness categories include: Energizing, Refreshing, Purifying, Slimming, and Calming. My favorite were The Mango Tango under “Refreshing,” Burn Baby Burn under “Slimming,” and Chamomantra under “Calming.” I drink three cups of tea on a daily basis and I found their line of teas to be an ideal fit into my active schedule. The calming teas are perfect just before bed and the purifying teas were great mid afternoon just before supper.

Shop their line of single serve teas here. The company also sells a line of K-Cup compatible teas. I have a loose leaf tea filter for the K Cup that you could pour each of the single serve packets into. Accessories available for sale include infusers and fill & fold filters.

Find Sahara Tea near you: http://www.saharatea.ca/pages/locations



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