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VeganSmart is a plant-based, vegan nutrition shake company based in Irvine, CA. With flavors available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Wild Berries, Chai, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Raspberry and Strawberry Shortcake, you can easily create a balance in your week by enjoying a new flavor each day. I had the opportunity to try each of these flavors by blending them into my homemade shakes. For example, I blended the Strawberry Shortcake with fresh strawberries, a frozen banana, walnut oil, dates, and ice with just over a cup of rice milk.


I most often would enjoy my smoothies in the morning post-workout or in the mid afternoon to help curb any cravings for a large meal at dinner. I always like to eat a light dinner early in the evening, then a small snack and some hot tea before bed. VeganSmart initiated my thoughts for having a smoothie before bed. Here’s what the company recommends:

  • Let your smoothie work for you not against you. An 8 ounce smoothie before bed can help improve your sleep. Remember, this is a bedtime snack not an actual meal. Nighttime is your body’s recovery time, don’t have a large smoothie and keep your body busy digesting a whole meal all night long.
  • Allow your body to relax. The purpose of the smoothie is to help your body unwind, make sure to choose smoothie ingredients that do that. A smoothie made with an almond milk base, 1 scoop of VeganSmart nutrition powder, and tart cherries or bananas are best for inducing sleep. These ingredients may interact with melatonin and promote a good night’s sleep.
  •  Unplug and sip. The calming effects of your bedtime smoothie will be useless if you are scrolling on your phone (one of the many reasons I put my phone out of reach and on vibrate when I go to bed). The light from electronics may be counteractive to falling asleep and may cause more stress that it solves. Try more relaxing activities, like meditating, while sipping on your smoothie.

I love to read before bed, usually for 20-30 minutes. The book I am reading currently is Dominick Dunne’s Justice, a great read if you are into crime dramas, and infamous and well-known court cases. Each chapter highlights the author’s personal accounts of encountering the prosecution team, defense team, and defendant in each criminal trial, and an overview of the court case itself.

I digress. VeganSmart is a delicious, all-in-one nutritious shake that tastes so delicious! My favorite was the Chocolate followed by the Cookies and Cream, so creamy and satisfying.


VeganSmart products can be purchased directly from their website, or at such retailers including Amazon, Sam’s Club, ShopRite, Publix, Whole Foods, and many more. VeganSmart can be reached by phone at 714-935-9837.

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