Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt at Topping Rose House

Topping Rose House

This past Easter Sunday was such a gorgeous day. A light breeze and just the right temperature to finally emerge from being cooped up indoors for most of the winter and instead spend the day enjoying the outdoors. My husband, daughter and I went to Topping Rose House in the heart of the Village of Bridgehampton for a low-key, quiet brunch and an intimate Easter Egg Hunt so Sarah had a chance to run around outside and practice walking on the grass. And not a single patch of snow in sight!

The grounds of Topping Rose House hotel and restaurant are so beautifully manicured and its restored Greek Revival building is the centerpiece of it all. There is a cozy barn in the back where they have their Farmer’s Market, with the last one for this season being held on Saturday, April 18th. When we arrived, the staff was just finishing setting up the Easter eggs across the lawn, with some miniature Easter baskets hanging in the shrubs and trees. We wanted Sarah to have the opportunity to run around after the Egg Hunt as she is still too young yet but it is exciting to watch the other children run and collect the eggs. We ended up finding one lone egg underneath one of the brown wicker chairs after the Egg Hunt had finished.

topping rose house east end taste

This was our second visit to Topping Rose House restaurant and the first visit for brunch. I love the country style interior and that the hostess promptly seated us while allowing Sarah to stay in her stroller. We always prefer the stroller over a high chair. We started our meal with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by two complimentary warm cheese biscuits served with a sweet butter. The butter and biscuits was a blueprint pairing. The butter was so amazing that I was more than tempted to taste it separately with a spoon. I resisted but was generous with how much I put on my biscuit. And I don’t do that very often.

The focus of their menu items is incorporating locally sourced organic, and seasonal ingredients. For brunch, my husband and I decided to split the Seasonal Omelette with Roasted Mushrooms & Ricotta Salata, an aged Italian cheese, for $16. The menu items change monthly so I knew I had to try their omelette. It was as fresh as fresh can be. The omelette was cooked to perfection, and the mushrooms were so flavorful and the Ricotta Salata was a perfect compliment. The arugula salad on the side was a nice, light touch.

topping rose house east end taste

I love the waitstaffs’ gingham check shirts. It is so Hamptons chic and fits in well with the charm of the restaurant. The staff is so professional and remarkably accommodating. We were surprised with three Easter egg shaped decorative sugar cookies to bring home. I remember coming here for dinner with some friends back in November of 2012 and we were surprised with small bags of homemade granola, one per person. I remember I ate it as a snack and used it as a topping for my Greek yogurt.

After brunch, we walked around outside and took tons of photos of Sarah exploring the grounds. We said hello to Holly of Browder’s Birds who had four of her older chickens walking about in a penned in area on the side lawn. One of the chickens laid an egg! Sarah had her first encounter with one of the chickens, which she just loved. I love animals and I feel it is so important for my daughter to have positive and fun interactions with them. Holly had some t-shirts and eggs for sale, and also hosted an Easter Egg Painting Session in the barn after the Easter Egg Hunt.

topping rose house east end taste

Topping Rose House is a luxurious hotel in a delightful country setting. Top-notch service, fine local ingredients, and the Main Street in Bridgehampton just steps away, it doesn’t get any better than this. We had a first class, fine dining experience and would definitely enjoy brunch here again. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner beginning at 7am seven days a week. For more information, please visit http://www.toppingrosehouse.com


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