Event Planning: 7 Essential Tips for Planning an Event


Planning an event can be great for business exposure, art galas, birthday parties, charities, and community involvement. However, it’s also easier said than done.

There’s a lot that goes into planning an event. Typically, the bigger the event, the more people are invited and the more planning is necessary. Before you get overwhelmed, however, take a moment to read this post!

We have seven helpful tips to get you started and keep things organized.

Top Tips for Planning an Event

While it’s definitely within the wheelhouse of some of the pros, creating an event from thin air is no easy task. You’ll need plenty of time for planning. You’ll learn quickly that things can change or fall through randomly and suddenly.

Always be ready to go with the flow, to adapt and overcome!

1. Come Up with an Idea

First things first, you need an idea. How is your event going to be themed?

Usually, the purpose of the event will dictate or at least point to a plausible theme. However, if you have free reign, use this as an opportunity to come up with a creative, artistic, and entertaining theme.

Once you have your idea in place, you can start planning an event.

2. Think About Where and When

Now that you have a theme, you need to come up with a location, time, and date while planning an event.

If you’re going to use a place that needs to be rented for the evening, do it sooner rather than later. You need to get your venue on lock-down for the night of the event.

When the event takes place may be depicted by the purpose, such as a birthday, anniversary, etc.

3. Build a Team

Now that you have some basic plans in place, it’s time to build your team. These are going to be you agents of order, the people who help you make sure planning an event goes off without a hitch.

Get a couple of right-hand men or women to help you with the majority of the planning and organizing. Then, get some volunteers locked in for set-up and break-down for the day of the event.

This is a good time to start booking other things such as chair rentals, tent rentals, bands, catering, etc.

4. Know Your Budget

At this point, you should already know your budget, especially having taken care of necessary bookings of places, people, and things.

However, before you start inviting people, you need to know how much money is left in the budget. This is vital to planning an event that doesn’t implode. You don’t want to invite 200 people and only have enough food for 125.

5. Know How Many People Are Coming

Speaking of which, do you know how many people are coming? Depending on the purpose and public access to the event, it may dictate a large or small crowd.

However, in order to get substantial supplies, you need a relatively firm number. Expecting 50 and getting 300 could be disastrous.

6. Think About Food and Menus

Next, while planning an event, you need to think about the type of food you’ll be serving at the event. Will you cater it or host pot luck? Whatever you do, make sure you have enough food for everyone!

Next, if you are catering, you need a menu for guests so they’ll know what their options are. Take a look at these menu template options for a creative spark.

7. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Finally, you need a way to get the word out. If you have a guest list, perfect. This will be as simple as sending out invitations.

If this is a public event, however, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to market the event to maximize attendance. Consider social media advertising, both organic and paid.

You can also put ads in the newspaper, on the radio, etc.


Finally, you need to do one more thing – relax! Everything’s going to be fine. Get the help you need and follow the above steps for planning an event.

Remember to roll with the punches and everything will turn out great!

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