Everything You Need to Know About Military Tradition


Serving in the military is probably one of the most difficult decisions a person could ever make in their entire lifetime. The sacrifices made and the time and effort spent to make the journey quite a challenging one, but those who embark on it find it rewarding and are more than pleased to take it on. Few things can be as emotionally rewarding as serving one’s country and putting your life on the line for it. Civilians often don’t understand what happens in the military, and they find military tradition to be quite bizarre and unorthodox. That makes sense if you think about it because you’d have to experience something like that first-hand to understand military customs. This is what you need to know about military traditions and some of the most interesting ones.

A brotherhood

The bonds formed in the military is often stronger than any other outside. When people risk their lives together, spend as much time with one another, and rely on each other for protection, an unbreakable bond is formed that lasts a lifetime. Soldiers who serve together form a brotherhood that stands the test of time and often extends beyond the barriers of the military. This means you’ll probably find soldiers’ families getting together for weekly barbecues, taking their kids for baseball games together, and spending time in each other’s household on a regular basis.

Challenge Coin

Many traditions in the military seem weird to those on the outside, and the challenge coin is one of those. This involves coins that were served to soldiers to commemorate a special service or an important membership in a special branch in the army. The challenge coin was issued as a sign of unity and brotherhood, and to instill pride in the soldiers’ hearts about their service and the corps. Each different division of the military now has their own challenge coins, and they’re issued under different circumstances for surviving hardships and committing acts of bravery and courage. Today, these coins are used to share war stories and find out who has the biggest and most interesting ones. The losers would buy rounds of drinks for their fellow soldiers.

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The swords at weddings

While most military traditions don’t affect civilians, weddings are an exception. When a soldier marries a civilian, their comrades attend the wedding with their full uniforms on and each will be carrying their swords to signify the protection they’d give to their comrade’s spouse because they’re part of the family now.

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The best of the best

Like most military traditions, it usually comes down to who’s the better guy. And it even comes down to who is able to grow the best mustache! Yes, they even have a challenge for facial hair. Naturally, the only allowed facial hair is the mustache. So, usually, at the start of deployment, someone is announced as the winner of the best mustache and is the star of the day.

Most of these and other military traditions have stood the test of time, and they’ll always be part of the military life. They show respect, appreciation, and love for the person serving next to you. And that is what the relationship between soldiers is all about at the end of the day. You don’t get to spend time with a person knowing that they’re your only backup without developing a bond that would surely stand the test of time.