EXPO West Innovative Food Roundup 2018

Sprout Foods

Several new products and brands celebrated their official launch this past week’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. From an expanded line of organic baby food to a protein bar mix with fun, clever names, below is the roundup of innovative foods discovered at the Expo.

Sprout Foods

The largest independent infant nutrition company, has unveiled its newly expanded line of organic 20 Plant Powered Protein purees and snacks. Launches include their Sprout Organic Crinklez, veggie and bean-based popped snacks made with organic chickpeas with colorful carrots, spinach, and beets that catch your eye with every bite. Crinklez is available in Cheesy Spinach and Pumpkin Carrot flavors. Their new purees include Butternut Blueberry Apple with Beans and Carrot Chickpeas Zucchini Pear pouches. The new offerings help encourage parents to introduce protein early on into the diets of children 6 months and older. Available at Amazon, Jet, Walgreen’s, Buy Buy Baby, and more.


Reinventing ice cream is Reveri, the first plant-based frozen dessert in the U.S. Reveri is an ice cream alternative that is crafted using a proprietary process that blends whole fruits, vegetables and dietary fiber into a guilt-free treat. It is made with no added sugar or sweeteners, dairy, gluten, soy, or added fats and gums. Averaging only 82 calories for a four-ounce serving, Reveri uses dates and whole fruit frozen at the peak of ripeness, to achieve its sweetness. The frozen dessert is also certified vegan and non-GMO. Purchase online.

Reveri Ice Cream - East End Taste

Chef’s Cut

Chef-led jerky brand debuted its newest offering, Korean Style BBQ Chicken Jerky, made with premium cuts of all-natural chicken breast. It is made with nothing but chef-crafted and recognizable ingredients like soy sauce, green tea extract, sriracha and other flavors with 10 grams of protein per one ounce serving. Nitrite and gluten-free. Purchase online.

- East End Taste

Red Duck Foods

Red Duck Foods has launched the first certified organic, gluten-free and vegan taco sauces that will hit the market this month. The new taco sauces come in three flavors: Approachably Mild, Uniquely Korean, and Actually Spicy. They are also known for their line of non-GMO organic ketchups, BBQ sauces and cocktail sauces. Shop online.


Specialty Food Taco Sauce - East End Taste

Forno de Minas

Pão de Queijo is an all-natural, gluten-free, yeast-free Brazilian cheese bread that is made with an authentic recipe. One of the most popular meal snacks in Brazil, this delicious, healthy, and high quality meal snack is made in just 5 minutes because it’s fully baked, frozen and heats up quickly, making this ethnic snack quite convenient! The company uses an authentic, homemade recipe made from only natural ingredients sourced from local producers. Find your nearest store.

Forno de Minas Pão de Queijo - East End Taste


This spring, Peatos made its official debut at the Expo. With striking but familiar flavors like Classic Cheese, Fiery Hot, Chili Cheese, and more cutting-edge Masala, Peatos™ can be found in retail produce departments. A bag of Peatos contains the same texture and taste you crave- while containing three times the fiber and twice the protein compared to the popular empty-calorie corn snack. Peatos are available in three delicious flavors: Classic Cheese, Masala, and Fiery Hot. Find a store near you.


Zellee Organic

Zellee is an organic, plant-based fruit jel, packed in a fun squeeze pouch. A modern take on jello without all of the unhealthy stuff. No added sugar, colors, animal gelatin, carrageenan, or artificial ingredients. Packed with Vitamin A, C and D, Zellee is organic, non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, vegan, under 100 calories and is gelled with konjac flour, an Asian root used to thicken foods. Purchase online.

Zellee 3 Flavors - East End Taste

Ozery Bakery

A family-owned company that uses real, premium ingredients to create premium, quality bread products, attendees samples new products including Organic Lavash Crackers, indulgent Cocoa Banana and Cocoa Cherry Snacking Rounds, as well as their tasty Vegan Brioche Bites and Buns. All of Ozery Bakery products are non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, made with whole grains, and are free from dairy, egg, nut / tree nut, soy. In addition, the products do not contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Find a store near you.


Creation Nation

The first-of-its-kind DIY, no-bake Protein and Energy Mixes make it easy to create your own fresh, healthy bars, balls and bites at home in minutes. Simply add one or two of your favorite ingredients such as yogurt, honey, nut butter, coconut oil, ghee, mashed bananas or… really anything! Then, they’re ready to eat and take on the go: personalized nutrition, homemade taste and unparalleled freshness at your fingertips. The Protein Bar Mixes are available in three varieties: Whey Hip Chocolate Chip, PB & Jelly Get In My Belly, and Peas Love & CocoaEach mix is no-bake, non-GMO, gluten free, and can make 8 bars or 24 balls with up to 16 grams of protein per serving. Shop online.

Creation Nation Vegan Protein Bar Mix_PB & Jelly Get In My Belly - East End Taste


SanJ is dedicated to the manufacture of premium Tamari soy sauce and quality Asian-inspired products. Their products are organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free with a few vegan products. Their line includes a Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce, Organic Shoyu, Wakame Soup, and a Gluten-Free Brown Rice Cracker. The are available online including on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Thrive Market, and more. You can also purchase online.


San-J-Tamari-Group - East End Taste


The Osso Good Company

Osso Good’s Bone Broth Soup’r Foods are rich, nutrient-dense soups that include the company’s high-quality bone broths in each serving. Available in three nourishing flavors: Tomato Basil, Butternut Squash and Thai Carrot. Purchase online.

Osso Good_Bone Broth Soup’r Foods - East End Taste



Wedderspoon, the #1 selling Manuka Honey brand in North America, launched their new Manuka Honey Plus line, Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey, and new skincare products at Expo West. In addition, the brand unveiled a modernized logo that puts bees front-and- center through a unique stylized honey bee. Find a store near you and you can shop online.


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