EXPO West Standout Product Roundup 2018

Natural Products Expo West

Just two weeks ago, the 38th annual Natural Products Expo West, the industry’s largest trade show, hosted 3,500 exhibiting companies, including more than 600 brands making their Expo West debut at the newly expanded Anaheim Convention Center. The Expo is the leading show for tracking the trends that drive innovation in food and consumer products

Notable trends in natural and organic foods, beauty and home products, as well as supplements included a focus on plant-based ingredients, utilizing byproducts as ingredients, and as well as aiding a sense of calm and reducing stress. Example brands discovered at the trade show that showcase some of these trends are below.

Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals is a wellness/beauty brand that uses CBD infused products to provide relief for aches and pains. Think of it as nature’s Advil! Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is a plant compound found in hemp. CBD can also be found in other plants, like broccoli and kale. They use plant-based ingredients and hemp-derived CBD extract. The brand was started by two women in southern California when their moms were complaining about daily aches and pains standing in their way of being active. Purchase online.

Sagely Naturals

Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil is a Brazilian line of natural, organic and 100% vegan lifestyle products. Joining the existing line of nail polishes inspired by the exotic animals of the Amazonian rainforest are seven new nail polish colors. All 23 Exotic Animal Nail Polish products are 7-free and certified cruelty-free and vegan. New colors: Black Panther, Butterfly, Jellyfish, Lady Bug, Octopus, Sauva Ant and Seahorse (below). Shop online.

[E.A.] Seahorse



Nutiva has debuted their new USA-Grown Organic Hempseed, the first USDA Certified Organic hempseed product grown entirely in the United States from a national organic brand, and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies (in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors) at 2018 Natural Products Expo West. Grown in Colorado, Nutiva USA-Grown Organic Hempseed is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Find a store near you.

Nutiva USA-Grown Organic Hempseed


SANS is an innovative solution to preserving smoothies, shakes, juices and more with a vacuum seal that keeps its contents fresh for a longer period of time. SANS slows down that oxidation process of fruits and vegetables by removing air from the storage bottle.  The lid of the bottle contains a unique vacuum pump mechanism designed to preserve the life of smoothies and shakes for up to 7 days. The bottles are non-toxic, and BPA-free. Shop online.




Youtheory has launched its latest innovation: the Spore Probiotic. The new product was developed using three of the most widely researched spore probiotics available. Spore probiotics are known as a better alternative to replenish the body’s microflora and offer multiple advantages over traditional probiotic preparations. Discover where to buy Youtheory.


Spore Probiotic Powder_3.45oz

Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs, an organic supplement leader in North America, has unveiled their new Mood Uplift, which combines herbal extracts traditionally used to help the body cope with daily stress, nourish the nervous system, and support a positive mood. Find where you can purchase Gaia Herbs.

Mood Uplift

Just Thrive

Just Thrive™ is a unique probiotic because of its Bacillus spores, abundant environmental organisms which are a normal part of the human micro flora. These spores have been successfully used to enhance digestive health in the pharmaceutical market for more than 50 years.They have just introduced Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7- The Vitamin You Did Not Know You Needed. Vitamin K2 comes with huge benefits including reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Some even say Vitamin K2 is arguably the most important dietary supplement, especially since it’s not found in sufficient quantities in the Western diet.

Just Thrive is available on their website and on Amazon.

Thrive Probiotics

Pyure® Organic Stevia

Pyure Organic Stevia has unveiled their newest products at EXPO West including their Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup, Sugar Free Honey Alternative, and Organic Liquid Stevia in Original and Vanilla flavors. These products provide consumers with a calorie-free, organic, vegan, non-GMO, natural alternative to sugar without compromising at all on taste. Find a store near you. It is also available on Amazon.



liquid stevia vanilla pyure


*Header photo courtesy of New Hope


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