My Five Favorite Hamptons Fitness Classes

Pure Barre Platform Southampton

One of, if not the most frequently asked question I am presented with is how do I eat what I eat and stay in shape? First and foremost, I take great care with the portions I consume during each meal. Most of the time I have leftovers from dining out that I have for lunch and or dinner the next day, and I keep myself hydrated by drinking at least ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Much of my energy level and figure is attributed to my vigorous fitness regiment. I exercise six days a week for three to four hours a day: everything from running, walking with resistance, stretching, and weight training.

I will give you a sneak peek into my weekly exercise routine by highlighting my five favorite fitness boutiques and classes in the Hamptons.

Pure Barre- Platform

Pure Barre has drastically helped to create a leaner, toned look for myself since I took my first class in 2014. The format for Platform is similar to a traditional Pure Barre class. I am a huge fan of the method, which focuses on quick bursts of high intensity that also integrates low impact cardio work with periods of lower intensity muscle-sculpting movements. Recently, their new Platform class has taken center-stage in my workout routine. I try to take class at least once a week; it’s fast-moving and very intense. We still get to wear my favorite, comfy sticky socks!

Les Mills BodyPUMP


I have been a fan of Les Mills International BodyPUMP (as well as several of their other group exercises programs) since 2011 when I took my first class in Sag Harbor. I became an instructor in 2013 and have continued to look to BodyPUMP to help build strength through functional exercises. I teach three days a week, and consistently notice how I am able to carry heavy grocery bags long distances to my vehicle, how I am able to carry my two year old daughter with ease, and that my metabolism and energy is through the roof! I start sweating right away in squats and constantly challenge myself with heavier weight in select tracks while focusing on form. You get your weight training with a full body workout in for the day in under an hour. Average repitions per class exceed 900!


Pilates is the fundamental exercise that everyone should partake in no matter what your fitness level. The recommendation is two to three times per week. Pilates helps to strengthen your powerhouse or core region through a series of controlled, smooth movements. I teach Pilates privately and at local fitness studios. My clients come to me and express how in as little as a week they feel more mobile and aware of their breath.

AkT In Motion

I first began taking classes at AKT in Sag Harbor with Emily, one of my favorite instructors. I was hooked instantly! Now there is a studio in East Hampton within minutes from my home. The dance moves are so much fun, with the choreography switching up every two weeks, there is always something new when you step inside. Plus, those two weeks give you an opportunity to become an “expert” with the movements. Moderate weight training intervals are in between dance sets, with abs last. I literally see a change in strength, agility and definition with as little as two weeks. Warning: the cardio dance component of class is very addictive! For me, it is impossible to take just one class per week.

SLT- Strengthen Lengthen & Tone

SLT Southampton
SLT Southampton

SLT has been one of my favorite workouts since it hit the Hamptons scene in about 2013. Every class, no matter if you have taken it with the same instructor five times in a row, is always different and incredibly challenging. Every second, I am pushed well beyond my limits and break a sweat within an average of five minutes into the class. Think Pilates on crack! No joke, you are on a “megaformer” machine most of the class, working against resistance springs. Expect a full body workout with 100% abdominal engagement. I recommend no socks.


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