Four Tips for Spring Wellness


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ketogenic Supplement Reviews. All opinions and content are my own. 

How do we facilitate spring wellness? While juggling so many responsibilities as a mom and writer, it is so tricky sometimes to put yourself first. When I was up in the morning, my first priority is to prepare my children’s breakfast, pack my daughter’s bag and lunch for school, and start doing work around the house. Putting myself first in any capacity has become a luxury with working from home and being a full-time caregiver.

Whether you have a demanding schedule with work and travel, and or are a busy parent like myself, you can benefit from my four tips for wellness that will give you a jumpstart into the spring months.


Use Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as a Centerpiece

Choose colorful. in-season fruits and vegetables to have on hand at all times. For the month of April, in-season fruits and vegetables for spring include apples, carrots, herbs, potatoes, and parsnips. Have fun with your selection and create a ‘rainbow’ eating plan throughout the day. For example, have one red and one yellow colored fruit for breakfast, and one purple and one green vegetable for lunch, etc.

Choose the Best Supplements 

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Reward Yourself with NO Guilt

Take at least one afternoon or a few hours during the day that are all about you. Drink your favorite cup of coffee or tea, read a magazine, the newspaper, take a walk, make a lunch date with a friend, or tune in to your favorite television show. No distractions, remember! Keep the phone/computer far from reach. Perhaps use that opportunity to shut down and recharge your mobile device.

Go to Sleep!

Pause any electronic use at least one hour before bedtime. Take some time for yourself once again and read a book, write a letter, or reminders for tomorrow, or do anything that calms you and soothes the mind before sleep. A little tip is to keep the blinds cracked open  to let that perfect amount of sunlight in in the morning. Or, if you are like me, sleep knowing that ample amounts of sunshine will flow in the next morning.


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