Future of online slots: Is the end of the fruit machine in sight?

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The humble fruit machine has become an almost permanent fixture in many pubs, clubs, bars, chip-shops and entertainment centres over the last century, with there being a near-constant desire for slot machine gambling across the general population. People just love fruit machines, and the experience of going somewhere like the pub just wouldn’t be the same without somebody spinning the reels of a fruit machine in a dimly lit corner.

Whilst this still rings true in the 21st century, you also have to consider the ludicrous impact that online slots have had on the physical slot industry. It is now a lot easier for gamblers to spin the reels online, for instance, something that mitigates the need to actually go out and gamble on a physical slot machine. But does this mean that the end of the fruit machine is in sight? Let’s take a look on Toppspilleautomater.

Impact of online slots on the brick and mortar slots market 

Online slots are so incredibly popular these days, and there are quite literally thousands of them available to play too, so it is really no wonder that the traditional brick and mortar slots market has taken a bit of a hit. The main USP for online slots in relation to physical real world slot machines is that online slots can be played from home, something that has inspired many gamblers to trade one for the other. 

As a result it can easily seem as though the online slots market has begun to hurt the brick and mortar market. But here’s the thing; this actually isn’t 100% true, as there has also been an influx of brick and mortar slot players who have been inspired to give the real thing a go after playing online. 

The crazy popularity of mobile slots 

If you thought online slots were popular when they first came out, just you wait until you hear about how popular mobile slots are. The first mobile slots came out around 2010, and they were a pretty much instant success, especially after smartphones such as the iPhone became more popular. 

Mobile slots definitely made the gap between online slots and land-based slot machines even wider, however it remains to be seen whether it negatively or positively impacted the industry. 

Advances in graphics, game mechanics and bonus features 

Over the last decade there have been some monumental advances made in slot graphics, game mechanics and bonus features, and online slots have never been as good. This is great news for most of us, however it does mean that the humble fruit machine probably has less players than ever before. 

Will VR slots spell the end of the fruit machine? 

The future of online slots is generally accepted to be intrinsically connected with virtual reality technology, and this could really be the final nail in the coffin for fruit machines. People will be able to sit at a fruit machine emulation in virtual reality, so it remains to be seen whether or not they will have any interest in traditional fruit machines after that.