Grindstone Coffee & Donuts

Grindstone Coffee and Donuts

Grindstone Coffee & Donuts has satisfied Sag Harbor‘s long-term doughnut craving. After opening just over a month ago, Grindstone has spoiled the quaint, commuter village with a top quality sweet treat paired with exceptionally smooth San Francisco-based coffee. The business is thriving, with 1,300 doughnuts being churned out daily during the weekdays and over 2,200 purchased on Saturdays and Sundays.

The popularity of doughnuts created by owner, Kyle Shanahan, comes from a 48-hour-proof brioche-style dough that has a complex, yeasty flavor. Cage free eggs from upstate New York, Hudson valley five acres farms milk, unbromated and unbleached King Arthur are used to create the sweet and savory doughnuts.

“I worked in coffee and donut shops back in Cleveland,” explains Shanahan. “I wanted to do a coffee shop first and foremost, but I want it to be set apart from the ten other coffee shops in sag harbor: year round, grab and go, and unique to the area. The name Grindstone comes from my grandparent’s hometown, Berea,  the grindstone capital of the world. I remember walking through the river when I was really young. In your head, you think grinding coffee and milling flour.”

Grindstone does eight or nine doughnuts a day. At 10am the savory doughnuts sell out. All donuts are one flavor of dough and differ with the toppings. “Bread is made the old-fashioned way without the gluten stabilizer, potassium bromate, which is illegal in Europe and China. A gluten-intolerance has only been a problem for the last 30 years, and those with the intolerance would not be affected by our bread.”

The classic flavors are Grindstone glaze (honey vanilla beach glaze), cinnamon sugar, strawberry buttermilk with rainbow sprinkles, and chai spiced powder sugar blend. There are four different rotating flavors that incorporate different toppings on a daily basis: chocolate, fruit forward, peanut, and rich. Rich may be a Nutella s’mores or a crème brûlée. The day I visited, there was a dark chocolate coconut, a peanut butter glaze with crushed peanuts. Other toppings include pulverized dried bananas. There is a lemon poppy seed with fresh raspberries, and a blueberry lemon zest with organic blackberries. Seasonal rotations for the fall will include apple, walnut maple, and pumpkin. “We would like to work with the local orchards, and want to work with the local farms more. With the thousands of doughnuts we sell a week, we would need 800 pounds of flour a week.” Just two dozen were left at 2:30pm on a Thursday.

Another unique aspect of the doughnut shop are the vintage comic books and nature books from Shanahan’s personal collection. The focus is on vintage magic books such as Secrets of Mind Power, old naturalist books from the 1920’s. There is local art on the wall that is all for sale.

“We do not take a dime from the artists,” says Shanahan. “Artists include Ryan White from Springs who famously put a sign in front of the house that said ‘throw a can,’ Michael Marder, graffiti artist Russ Sanderson, Scott Bluedorn, and Anna Coffman (Shanahan’s partner). Prints have been flying! In exchange for hanging and selling their artwork, we ask them to design a t-shirt for us.”

The savory doughnut is an everything bagel donut with an everything spice, great for the visiting NYC crowd. The plain doughnut is not too sweet as sweetness comes from the topping. Coffee is from Four Barrel in San Francisco. Grindstone is the first on Long Island 3rd or 4th in NY to sell their coffee. “Their ethics are exactly what we were looking for. They pay more to their farmers than standard fair trade certified coffee companies. It is an amazing product.”

Doughnuts are selling out fast daily. No call ahead orders at the moment.

Grindstone Coffee and Donuts is currently open  daily from 7am-7pm. Donuts are $2.75/each. // 631-808-3370


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