Sweet Sunday: Gut Springenheide Chocolate Eggs

DSC_1186 (1)

There is a European tradition of coloring Easter eggs dating back to the 12th century. Gut Springenheide has adhered to this German tradition and produces a range of in-shell ‘eggciting’ specialties every Easter. Among these are their hand-made “real eggshells” filled with Praline Chocolate. I first discovered this unique luxury confection at the Summer Fancy Food Show in late June.

Gut Springenheide produces these solid chocolate eggs with in a number of brilliant colors all with a “pearl-shell” finish. In addition, they sell their Praline Chocolate Egg with a festive golden luster, as pictured. If you may choose to fill your own eggshells, you could do just that! Empty eggshells are sold and offered in a variety of colors and decorated with vibrant patterns. The gold eggs, in particular, would be a lovely accompaniment for events during the autumn and winter months.

To serve, just chill for 15 minutes then crack open and enjoy the rich chocolate truffle!



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