Hamptons Comfort Food Dishes

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One of the most notable things the Hamptons is known for is their exquisitely created meals that are artfully prepared by some of the finest chefs at some of top notch restaurants on the east end. There certainly are occasions for fancy gastronomy when dining out at a restaurant; however, sometimes the customer is looking for that hearty, feel-good comfort food dish. These handcrafted and flavorsome meals and appetizers choices are sure to bring both comfort and a taste of  home-cooking to your palate.

Below you will find some of my favorites comfort food dishes in the Hamptons.


Dig into one of their signature dishes: the Le Grand Macaroni and Cheese ($25) filled to the brim with gooey cheeses, prosciutto, and black truffles. One bite and you will be hooked. Others in your dining party may find difficulty resisting a taste or two. On the local side, try their Amber Waves Sweet Potato-Miso Ravioli made with North Fork shiitake mushroom dashi, and house-made siracha ($15/30). Fish-n-Chips is their “Plats du Jour” on Wednesday. Dinner begins nightly at 5:30pm. Children are graciously welcome.

Indian Wells Tavern

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Jumping right to it: the PERFECT French onion soup. Not just a feast for the eyes, it tastes even better, piping hot, spoonful after spoonful. Gently melted, and perfectly browned cheese oozing down the sides of the bowl and topped with scallions, each bite is stuffed with flavor. If there is still room, dig into their homemade meatloaf served with fresh veggies and mashed potatoes, or if you are in the mood for seafood, dive into their scallops, that are not too chewy and incredibly tempting, paired with a medley of potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Join them for Happy Hour Monday thru Friday at 4pm. Children happily welcome sans stroller or carriage (inside).

Harbor Grill

One of my absolute favorite restaurants for casual, delicious meals that are generously portioned, my go-to appetizer menu items for comfort classics down right are their baked clams, and spinach and artichoke dip. Can you believe that both of these are part of their prix fixe menu (just $19 before 6pm). If you are ready to continue your chow down fest, look no further than their BBQ ribs with creamy and tangy cole slaw with a side of crunchy onion rings. In the mood for salad, their quinoa Chopped Salad with Greek infusions of feta cheese, olives, and cucumbers will hit the spot. Come by on Pasta Night every Tuesday for $17 per person. Very child-friendly and there is live music every so often.

The Bell & Anchor

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A fragrant, and satisfying portion of their “Old School” Lobster Garganelli paired with breathtaking sunsets off the bay of their makes for the perfect evening destination anytime of the year. Beautifully prepared with corn, basil and saffron cream, you get a wholesome and savory bite each and every time. This dish brings you back to those relaxing summer evenings, that likewise, you will crave this bountiful lobster creation each visit. This is seaside comfort at its best. Children are a delight and welcomed here.

Rowdy Hall

Rowdy Hall is a popular destination when one seeks unpretentious dishes, many of which are classic comfort staples with their own unique twist. Off of their snack menu are the irresistibly chewy, tangy, Devils on Horseback: three dates stuffed to the max with smooth Maytag blue cheese and encased in bacon ($6). The bacon enfolding each one is what seals the deal. You have that first crunchy bit then a second layer of sweet heaven, followed by a warm, zestful blue cheese. The textures itself are incredible and will take your tastebuds to another dimension. For your entree, do try the Falafel burger topped with spicy peppers, a layer of hummus on a sesame seed bun with a Greek side salad ($15). Ask for tahini sauce on the side (75 cents extra). Children welcome sans stroller or carriage inside, which may be left just outside in the alcove of the restaurant.


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