Specialty Food Friday: Hamptons Salt Company

Hamptons Salt Espresso and Mesquite

It would be unheard of to know of any household that does not have traditional table salt. However, most of take take for granted the refined, generic item we all came to think of as salt. Traditional, iodized table salt and that box of Kosher salt that most recipes call for are, in most cases, refined and pure NaCl that is stripped of natural minerals and includes unhealthy, anti-clumping agents. There are few, if any, health benefits in ubiquitous table salts.

Founder and CEO of Hamptons Salt, Peter Pierce, started the company because he concerned about what he was feeding his children, and was surprised to uncover the truth about table salts. “Salt is equivalent to wine, depending upon where it is made, the natural minerals where it is found, the process the salt maker uses,” explains Pierce. “People tend to overuse tradition salt because it is, well, kind of bland. When you taste, pure, raw salt, it creates a dramatic difference in the flavor of the dish.”

Hamptons Salt currently offers 29 salt varieties from around the world. The eleven varieties of Raw Salts are Cooking Salt, Finishing Salt, Kosher Salt, Sel Gris, Fleur de Sel, Himalayan Pink, Cyprus Flake, Hawaiian Red, Hawaiian Black, Bali Pyramid, and Pure Atlantic ($9.99—$24.99). The thirteen flavors of Infused Salts include: Ghost Pepper, Vermont Maple Syrup, Garlic, Rosemary, Black Truffle, Lemon, Jalapeno, Espresso, Vanilla Bean, Wine, Ginger, Porcini, and Lime ($21.99-$29.99). Five varieties of Smoked Salts include: Applewood, Bacon, Chardonnay Oak, Hickory, or Mesquite. ($21.99—$24.99).

If a customer wishes to try a variety of salts from the company, I recommend The Flavor Seeker ($39.99)  a collection of flavor salt, and a great introduction.  It is also great for dinner parties as an opportunity to sample the salts. If someone wishes to rid their home of the processing salt, buy the cooking salt and finishing salt. Cooking salt replaces your box of Kosher salt. Finishing salt is $14.99. It is a delightful blend of UK, French and Mediterranean white crystal salts that will tranform every dish.

Black Truffle Salt ($29.99) is the number one seller. It is extremely luxurious and provides an amazing essence of black truffles for a fraction of the cost. “My children love it!” exclaims Pierce. “They love to sprinkle it on eggs. You can also put it on popcorn, and the salt contains huge pieces of actual black truffle.”

“Children will request specific salts for specific dish,” adds Pierce. “For example, they add Vermont Maple Syrup salt ($21.99) in their mashed potatoes.”

A particular salt to note in Pierce’s company’s collection is the Ghost Pepper salt ($21.99). “Not everyone loves intensely spicy foods, but just the smallest sprinkle creates some heat to any dish. It is off-the-charts hot! Try a flake or two before deciding how you wish to sprinkle the salt on your dish,” says Pierce.

Each salt on the website has suggested uses. For example, their Espresso salt ($21.99) creates a rich aroma when added to pork, chicken, and beef, in addition to adding a sprinkle to ice cream and chocolates. Their Facebook and Instagram pages also show great examples.

Their retail locations include Round Swamp Farm, Schmidt’s, Loaves & Fishes, Red Horse Market, La Maisonette, In Home, Harbor Market and Gosman’s.

Pierce is currently working on expanding distribution for people in the retail market.

http://www.hamptonssalt.com // 844-4SEASALT (473-2725)


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