Hartford Flavor Company

Hartford Flavor Company Ct

The Hartford Flavor Company is unique in many ways to its industry counterparts. So unique, in fact, it is difficult to pinpoint precisely what industry to classify them as. From a formal perspective, they are registered as a distillery (this is where Wild Moon Elixirs are crafted) but they offer so much more. Events, a selection of curated gifts for sale, and possibly the most inventive cocktail menu ever created. If owner Lelaneia Dubay had her choice, she would register the business as an infusionary company. This unfortunately is currently not on the approved master list of business entity categories.

The one-of-a-kind nature of The Hartford Flavor Company (HFC) is well suited to its location in the Parkville area of Hartford, CT. Parkville is known for its art resurgence and is home to Real Art Ways. Real Art Ways is a multidisciplinary arts organization promoting film, theatre, and visual arts. Parkville is also home to several music and recording studios.

Hartford Flavor Company Ct


In addition to selling the popular Wild Moon Elixirs which are created on site at The Hartford Flavor Company, a full bar serves up inventive cocktails that are every bit as creative as the visual works of art next door.

The De Los Muertos was as visually stunning as it was delicious. A deep crimson tipple garnished with an edible flower was created by blending silver tequila, mezcal, orange bitter, lime, activated charcoal, beet juice, and Wild Moon Rose. Then there are those who prefer things on the citrusy side. The Lime of the Ancient Mariner with gin, chartreuse, grapefruit seltzer and Wile Moon Lime is sure to please.

Hartford Flavor Company Ct

A Woman Owned Business

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Hartford Flavor Company is that it is a Woman Owned Business in an industry primarily occupied by men. The Hartford Flavor Company’s logo pays homage to this achievement in its depiction of a strong female archer forging ahead with her companion, a deer, the symbol of the city of Hartford.

Hartford Flavor Company is the first company since the late 1800s to nationally market a product that carries Hartford’s name in its title. Visit the tasting room on Fridays 4-7pm, Saturdays 1-6pm and Sundays 2-5pm.