Hartford Flavor Company’s Fall Mixology Class

hartford flavor company fall mixology

The Hartford Flavor Company in Hartford, CT has been offering its in-house mixology classes for about two years. No two classes are alike. Each celebrates seasonal flavors with cocktail recipes starring their line of award-winning liqueurs. The Hartford Flavor Company mixology courses are a great way to learn the art of making the perfect cocktail, and about the innovative and delicious line of Wild Moon Liqueurs.

fall mixology class hartford flavor co

The Class

Three cocktails were demoed at the Fall Mixology Class. Participants were given the opportunity to make and try all three, as well as a sampling of the entire line of Wild Moon Liqueurs. Cocktail making basics were discussed in addition to instruction on how to make three seasonal Autumn/Thanksgiving-inspired recipes. The instructors also noted that cocktails are not the only ideal use for their liqueur. The class was encouraged to try baking and cooking with Wild Moon Liqueurs at home. Lavender is a welcome addition to pound cake. Lime makes a wonderful glaze for chicken or fish.

The evening began with a tasting of the Wild Moon Liqueurs products that would be the star ingredient in each cocktail. Then, we reviewed the proper glass for each cocktail style, the best way to use a shaker, and how to properly measure ingredients. The class was then instructed on the making of three signature cocktails: Mayflower Mule, Maple Whiskey Sour, and Spiced Sangria.

fall mixology class hartford flavor co

The Cocktails

The Mayflower Mule used vodka and ginger beer to create a classic mule. Then, we added a festive twist with fresh lime juice and Wild Moon Cranberry and garnishing with rosemary and fresh cranberries. The Maple Whiskey Sour featured fresh maple syrup and Wild Moon Birch and used chickpea derived aquafaba instead of the more traditional raw egg white to create a decadent foam or cream when shaken. The Spiced Sangria featured apple cider as a seasonal twist along with a generous helping of Wild Moon Chai Spice.

fall mixology class hartford flavor co founder

A New Line of Products

After the instructional portion of the evening, the class was invited to try a brand-new line of unreleased products. The new line is called Wild Moon Botanicals and features four unique botanical flavors of liqueur; Sumac, Sage, Roasted Dandelion, and Seven Lemon. Sumac is a native herb that has an herbaceous, citrusy, berry flavor. Fresh Sage flavor is bright, sunny, and herbal. Roasted Dandelion has a complex layered flavor that is reminiscent of an aperitif spirit yet almost coffee-like, and Seven Lemon blends the flavors of lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon verbena, Meyer lemon, lemon peel, and lemon juice.

All four flavors will debut Sunday, November 17th at the release party held at Hartford Flavor Company from 12-4pm. The four new flavors will be available for purchase at the distillery beginning 11/17/2019 and will hit retail shelves shortly thereafter.