History of Slot Machine Symbols

slot machine symbols

The history of the slot machine is quite fascinating. What started as a mechanical one-armed bandit has turned into online slots that can be played from anywhere in the world. However, there are many changes in between that should not be discarded as they all helped to shape the slot as we know it today – klikk her.

One thing that we don’t often consider though, is how slot machine symbols have evolved. Just like slot machines in general, slot symbols also have a rich and eventful history. If you are interested in knowing slots have changed over time, keep on reading.

Introducing the First Slot Symbols

If you are familiar with the evolution of the slot machine, then you probably know that it is Charles Fey, an engineer from California, who invented the slot machine as we know it. It was called the Liberty Bell slot and featured the simplest of symbols. They were also much less than what you find at modern slots.

One of the symbols was, of course, the Liberty Bell, which also happened to be the highest paying symbol in the slot. Other symbols were inspired by casino games like poker and blackjack. Hence, the playing card symbols that is popular to this day.

During the 20th century, slots became immensely popular. Since Fey did not own the rights for his slot machine, similar slots started popping up everywhere. This meant that slot developers now had a problem. All the slots created were identical. What could they do to set their slots apart from the rest? One of the best ways that slot developers could think of was to introduce new slot symbols. In the slots that followed, card symbols remained popular. However, they were combined with BAR and 7 symbols.

Vegas Video Slots

The first-ever video slot game was created specifically for the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Video slots brought with them the potential to customise, and this is exactly what slot developers did. The fact that symbols were no longer painted on reels, but projected on a screen meant that slot developers could create any symbol they wanted. It gave them the freedom to experiment with symbols.

This was also where the first bonus symbols were introduced. In no time developers started experimenting with bonus games, and they needed bonus symbols to trigger the bonus games. These bonus symbols are what set the tone for wilds and scatters that we have grown used to.

Modern Online Slots

With the internet boom, the casino industry started moving to an online platform. However, it was not until the end of the 20th century that the first online slot was released. Online slots offered slot developers even more freedom to create slot masterpieces. In the space of a few years, online slots evolved to include multiple bonus games, special features and elaborate game symbols. These include wilds (stacked, expanded, etc.), scatters, bonus symbols and so much more.

It is thus safe to say that technology has taken slot symbols to the next level.