Holiday Cooking and Wine Pairing Gift Guide


During the holidays, there is no greater joy for our family than enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal around the dinner table. Having my family, including my extended family, come together and share stories, laughs, and good times has always encompassed some of the happiest moments of my life. For gifting ideas, I love to give cookware, great wine, and recipe cards of some dishes my husband and I created during the year.

To help celebrate the upcoming Christmas and Chanukah season, I have below some notable wine labels, my most favorite essential cookware piece, as well as some fun wine accessories I know your family and friends will love. 

FINEX Cast Iron Skillet

If you love to cook as much as my family and I do, you will love FINEX Cast Iron Cookware. Their cast iron skillet with lid is the most versatile pan we have ever owned. We have already used it at least ten times. We chose to season our pan prior to use. The FINEX cast iron skillet is ideal for just about anything: perfect eggs, hearty steaks, salmon, chicken, and more. It is also brilliant for baking the best cornbread, pies, cakes and muffins. The lid is great for steaming, braising and simmering. From stovetop, to oven, to grill, their skillet is a trusted essential you’ll pass down for generations. Hand wash and dry right away. ($270)



Maysara Winery2015 Immigrant Pinot Noir

The 2015 Immigrant Pinot Noir is dedicated to all immigrants who risked their lives to escape and make it to America for the values of freedom and opportunity that this country stands for. Their Pinot Noir is made using their estate grown fruit from Momtazi Vineyards which is farmed holistically in coordination with their low-impacting winemaking practices. We paired it with a chicken and shrimp jambalaya, and a turkey, corn and tomato stir fry with cilantro. Currently available is their 2015 vintage. 33% of proceeds will be going to Refugee & Immigrant programs servicing permanent residency, family based visas, low-cost immigration counseling and much more. ($45)


Mionetto Luxury Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG

A luxury sparkling wine that should be at the center of all gatherings. Impress your guests this season with a boasting a rich array of sensory impressions such as green apple, pear, emphatic citrus, and spring wildflowers. Ideally pair this Prosecco with delicate meat in a light sauce. White turkey breast in a lemon sauce served with grilled vegetables, for example, would showcase the wines refreshing acidity and well-rounded palate.  ($19)


Champagne Taittinger– Nocturne “City Lights”

A blend of more than 35 different crus from a variety of harvests, “City Lights” smooth yet crisp Champagne that is perfect to enjoy with a dessert or late in the evening, this distinctively sweet “sec” Champagne (with 18 g/l residual sugar) is pale yellow in color with shimmering highlights and bubbles that form a delicate ring of fine foam. Instantly, you will capture the aromas of white flowers, yellow peach and dried apricots. The vibrant, eye-catching bottle itself will get your loved one in the spirit of the holidays the second they receives it. ($84)


Natan + Neuhaus Luxury Gift Box

Neuhaus Chocolates has collaborated with fashion designer Natan to create a gorgeous box of chocolates that is sure to please lovers of thoughtful, beautiful gifts.  Fashionistas with a sweet tooth will indulge in a unique collaboration between Neuhaus Chocolates and Belgian fashion house Natan and couturier Edouard Vermeulen. The stylish box is filled with Les Irrésistibles, their iconic star pralines in five sophisticated varieties. 17 tempting pralines, 100% hand-made in Belgium from artisanal nougatine, are presented in an exquisite gift box with a chic black satin bow. Pairs beautifully with Nocturne “City Lights.” ($55)

Natan sleeve open2

Santa Margherita- 2016 Pinot Grigio and Sparkling Rosé 

Their Pinot Grigio is clean, dry, and versatile, and is made to capture fruit and floral notes. Pairs nicely with fresh cheeses, seafood, pasta, rice dishes, as well as white meats and soufflés. Their Sparkling Rosé will pair perfectly with a variety of cuisines such as savory Italian appetizers, complex seafood dishes, and spicy, exotic seasoning of East Asian cuisines, while adding a festive touch to any occasion. ($14.99 / $26.99)

Santa Margherita

Bliss Home Wine Charms

Create great conversation and easily identify your wine glass at all social gatherings this holiday season with these gorgeous wine charms. Sturdy and strong, their Swarovski Wine Charms (set of 12) and Hobby Wine Charms (set of 6) will help create connections and community at your next gathering. Ask your guests to choose a charm that represents one of their hobbies, and create your own icebreaker games! ($21.99-23.99)


The Wine Life Co.- Wine Aerator and Wine Stopper Savor

Aerate your wine in seconds to create better flavor and a smooth finish with their light and compact aerator and wine stopper. Comes with a protective carry bag to easily store or take your set on the go. Easily cleaning by rinsing with warm water. ($22)

Wine Life Co



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