HomeGoods Celebrates their Grand Opening in Wainscott

This past Sunday, May 17th, HomeGoods in Wainscott celebrated their grand opening with a tremendous turnout. On the Friday, May 15th, HomeGoods opened their doors at 4pm to TJX Rewards Credit Card holders for an exclusive shopping experience. Everyone waiting outside for the doors to open were more than eager to “shop till they drop.” The Hamptons, especially the East Hampton township, needed a well organized, reasonably priced one-stop type shop for the home and HomeGoods is the perfect fit to take on the role. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, shoppers will get to stock up for all of their outdoor necessities, food pantry basics, and interior accents.

HomeGoods is an opportunistic retailer. The company is in the marketplace 365 days a year, where each day they are searching for well-made items to add to their store collection that they know customers will love. HomeGoods will buy from closeouts, during down factory time, and they are always in the know regarding which designers are hot that moment. Designer brands are part of HomeGoods’s DNA. The store also creates a colorful array of well-made international pieces. So much of what they sell is handcrafted, made in England, Italy or Portugal.

I was very impressed with how well the employees handled themselves on the first day. The were very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the company. For example, I asked one employee if they could recommend a specific brand of sheets and type of pillow, and they were spot on with their recommendation based upon my and my husband’s comfort level.

We took a tour the first day we came into the store, which was on that Friday, and then came back to purchase what we wanted on Sunday. We usually never like to make any large purchases on the spot and prefer to think things over. After spending most of our time in the kitchen essentials section (no surprise of course), we decided to purchase some some saffron and coconut oil. We have been wanting to experiment with cooking with coconut oil and saffron is one of the most expensive spices you could purchase. We also purchased two new pillows, a set of white sheets, two large towels, and a seafood green and white quilt for a grand total of $130. We will definitely be back for some more specialty food items as there was much to choose from. Avocado oil and some tea cookies caught my eye.

Most customers were especially impressed with the variety of the merchandise and the low prices. $100 goes so much further in this store. Popular items for sale included decorative pillows, beach towels, dining-ware with coastal prints, storage items, furniture including benches and chairs, and rugs. There was also a fantastic selection of items for your pets! The store is very well planned for bedding and bath so if you are renting a home out here this summer or are doing a summer share, be sure to come here to grab a great value!

HomeGoods will be open Monday thru Saturday 9am-9:30pm, and Sunday, the hours are 11am-8pm. For decor inspiration, and more information, please visit Please share your HomeGoods purchases with #HomeGoodsHappy

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