Drink It Tuesday: Honeydrop Beverages


Last week, I purchased two beverages by Honeydrop, which I had been eyeing for quite some time. I am so glad I did! The first one to try was the The Cold-Pressed Lemon Cayenne Cleanse, which had a perfect balance of flavors. The lemon was the most distinct component, but what I loved most was that the organic cayenne pepper was in harmony with the lemon and did not overpower it. The compact size of each beverage is perfect for traveling.

The Cold-Pressed Apple Ginger Lemon had a smooth, delicately sweet, and comforting taste. I expected to taste more ginger in each sip, but was reluctant to taste more of the raw Manuka honey with just a small bite of the ginger after the taste settles in your mouth. Made with just a few, fine ingredients such as organic ginger and unrefined Manuka Honey, each bottle contains a number of pure, healthy benefits including lots of Vitamin A and C. Give your juice a quick shake each time before you enjoy as the ginger ingredient will settle at the bottom.

What is Manuka Honey?  Manuka Honey comes all the way from New Zealand, which is prized for its natural antibacterial qualities and its medicinal uses. This beverage would also be perfect if you are feeling under the weather or just need that added boost of energy, which it gave me during the long morning. I was very intrigued with the concept of Raw Manuka Honey and noticed that you can purchase it in many health food stores.

Honeydrop donates 1% of proceeds to local beekeepers that are active in their communities, to build and maintain beehives to fight against Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an epidemic threatening the global bee population.

Each bottle was 10 fl oz., and is sold at Whole Foods, and Red Horse Market in East Hampton. For more information, please visit http://www.honeydrop.com


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