How to Choose the Best Type of Grass for Your Lawn

How to Choose the Best Type of Grass for Your Lawn

A vibrant green lawn as you step out of the door adds a calming aspect to your home. A well-maintained lawn not only increases the aesthetic value of your property but also contributes towards clear and cooler air.

Having a lush green lawn either in the front or backyard of your house will help you connect to nature, and create a peaceful ambiance, apart from beckoning you to spend more time outdoors.

But, how do you decide which grass type to choose that looks inviting all year round, without making you toil hard for it?

Grass types in Australia

The most common turf grass types available in Australia are Buffalo, Zoysia, TifTuf Bermuda, Kikuyu, and Fescue. Each of these varies in terms of soil requirement, climate to thrive, traffic bearing capacity, growth pattern, and maintenance.

While Buffalo grass is relatively low-maintenance and is great for families with kids and pets, Zoysia grass can withstand extreme weather conditions or salt-laden soil. 

TifTuf Bermuda grass is drought-resistant, thrives well in shade, and can tolerate high traffic. Kikuyu is a budget-friendly, full-sun grass type that can grow rapidly. Fescue grass is for cooler climates but is good for trophy lawns.


Factors that influence your choice of lawn grass

Now that you know the choices you have, let’s decode the factors that need consideration before you choose the right type of grass for your lawn.

Local climatic conditionsYour choice of grass would depend upon the kind of climate your location has. Some grass can thrive well in dry, draughty climates while others can withstand frosty temperatures. Zoysia grass, for example, thrives well in hot and humid climates but Kikuyu cannot tolerate damp weather.

Maintenance requirement – If you want to enjoy a pleasant stroll on a live grass lawn, you’ll have to put a minimum level of effort into maintaining it. Some grass types may require regular watering and mowing, while some that is drought-resistant, would require very limited watering. Zoysia and Kikuyu can be very invasive and may require regular maintenance. 

Type of outdoor space/garden – Is your garden surrounded by big trees or does your lawn get sunlight through the day. The kind of soil you’d lay your turf grass on also matters. Kikuyu is a hardy grass that can grow even in sandy solid but needs the full sun to look beautifully luscious all year long. 

Nature of your household – If you have a home full of running and stumbling kids, then TifTuf Bermuda grass is ideal for your lawn that has excellent self-repairing capabilities and can withstand any amount of foot traffic across seasons. However, grasses like Fescue are ornamental and are susceptible to wear and tear. 

These were the top considerations that you need to make before choosing grass for your lawn. To make a more informed choice, local knowledge could be your best resource. It’s a good idea to talk to your neighbours about what type of grass worked for them. Alternately, experts at Musturf are always happy to help you with your lawn queries.