How To Create A 5-Star Hotel Bathroom At Home

How To Create A 5-Star Hotel Bathroom At Home

The bathroom is the most private space in your home where you can be yourself, relax, and soak in the quietness, without any disturbance from the world outside. How about transforming this personal haven into a luxurious oasis where you can unwind in a bubble bath at the end of the day?

Speaking of luxury, did we remind you of your last vacation in a 5-star hotel? And is the most vivid memory of the vacation in the elegant bathroom at the hotel? With tiny tweaks, you can bring in similar elegance and glamour into your cramped-up bathroom too. Let us tell you how.

Add a feel of space

The bathroom at home probably doesn’t match up in size with the one at the 5-Star hotel but you can subtly add a sense of space. Refurbish your bathroom walls with some large-format tiles to induce a sense of spaciousness. Put up a wall-to-wall mirror for a roomier feel. Wall-hung toilets and basins not only make cleaning easy but also increases the floor’s visibility, thus reducing the cramped look.

A touch of sophistication

Designer brassware can automatically alleviate a drab-looking bathroom into your space of dreams. Whether you prefer technology with digital or sensor-operated taps or faucets, or opt for classical elegance in chrome or rose gold, switching from the old-style bathroom ware will certainly help give your bathroom a whole new look. 

Cool showering experience

A bathtub may seem unrealistic in a small space, but you could certainly add a walk-in shower with rain showerheads and body jets. For a dreamier or more spa-like feel, you could install some speakers, chromotherapy lights, and aromatherapy oil diffusers.

An amazing focal point

Add a wow factor to your bathroom. Your options are endless: unique mosaic or stone panels, semi-precious stone basin, a backlit exquisitely etched glass panel, an ornamental vanity corner, and so on. Take your pick and make yourself proud. 

Lighting is for tasks and also for ambience

Bathrooms are not just the place to cool your body and calm your senses but also for important tasks like shaving and applying make-up. Hence the need for a balanced mix of lighting that can create a relaxing ambience like soft corner lamps alongside LED & lighted mirrors that can help you complete your tasks.

Pamper yourself

Wrapping yourself up in soft, fluffy towels and robes is luxury spelt in bold. And if you have a heated towel rack installed to keep your freshly laundered towels warm, then nothing like it.  

Add fragrance

Perfumed candles, fragrant potpourri will take up the luxury quotient of your bathroom a notch high and will also render a spa vibe that’s sure to calm your nerves. 

A pop of freshness

Bathrooms are naturally warm and humid space. As such, plants like ferns, and bamboo shoots thrive well in such places. Consider adding a pot or two of greenery that will add colour to your bathroom and also inject some freshness to it. 

Which of these tips are you going to try to transform your bathroom?