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I am Organic Skincare

Your skin and soul will thank you the moment you use I AM Organic Skincare. This all natural skincare line created by Sandy Marion includes her line of Sugar Scrubs, Body Oils, and Body Balms. I was introduced to the company, which is based in New Jersey, just a few short months ago. I had only started to be more aware of taking care of my skin within the last few months, or just after my son was born. It alined with taking better care of myself to get back into my pre-pregnacy shape and fitness regiment and also with the coming of winter, where my skin regularly becomes dry and irritated, especially my legs and feet.

Upon trying the Body Oil and Sugar Scrub non-simultaneously, I instantly realized what my skin was craving for so long. Once applied, it is as if my skin begins to hum “That’s Amore!” My legs were velvety smooth, even into the next afternoon! I did not even need to apply lotion after using the Body Oil. The Sugar Scrubs also have that extra amount of Body Oil that I gently apply over my skin after I use the scrub until dissolved.

I am Organic Skincare

The Sugar Scrubs and Body Oils come in two sizes (4 and 8 oz.) and four scents: Restored (Lavender & Rosemary), Grateful (Coconut & Green Tea), Enlightened (Eucalyptus & Cypress Cedar), and Energy (Citrus). You can interchange these based on the time of day and your current mood. The Body Balm comes in Cocoa & Coconut.

I use the Body Oil after showering just after shutting off the water while the skin is still warm and moist. I rub about one to two tablespoons onto my legs, arms, stomach and shoulders and gently pat dry. The combination of the aroma the smooth texture is so revitalizing. It is like I took the spa home with me. As a mother of two young children, it is so important to take care of myself and take the time after a long day of working and playing with them to restore and nourish my skin. The Body Oil comes in four scents and ranges in price from $20-$33/4 oz.-8 oz.

It is recommended to use the Sugar Scrub 2-3 days a week. First bathe, then take a tablespoon or so of the sugar scrub and gently rub across the skin until dissolved. Use circular motions to help the oils penetrate into the skin. Remember, your skin sheds a new layer every four weeks.

I use the scrub on my feet and my legs prior to shaving. Post-shave, I use the Body Balm. I use the “Happy” Body Balm for my and my daughter’s skin, specifically for her hands, arms and feet that become a little dry during these winter months. She loves the scent as well! You may also use the balm if you are pregnant to help reduce or eliminate stretch marks or as a makeup remover. I also love to use the Body Balm on the soles of my feet. It has saved me a trip to the spa already in just the past two months!

Learn more about each product by reading other customer’s testimonials.

I am Organic Skincare

On the packaging, you will notice uplifting words and positive affirmations in several languages from Spanish to Madarin Chinese. This is so that women around the globe could feel recognized, included, and connected This also creates a more universal and more personal approach for women of many cultures and backgrounds.

Ingredients in the skincare line include Organic Sugar, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Sesame oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Organic Honey, Organic Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Organic Cocoa Butter, Avocado Butter, Coffee Butter, and more.

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I am Organic Skincare

Purchase I AM Organic Natural Skincare at select locations in central and southern New Jersey or online.

https://iamorganicskin.com // 908-489-5283


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