An Interview with the Founder of Idalia Baudo Jewelry

Idalia Baudo Jewelry

I am so thrilled to introduce you to one of my favorite jewelry brands, Idalia Baudo Jewelry. Each stunning piece in the collection is handmade in Tuscany, and has unique design patterns and textures of woven couture silver and gold mesh. Pieces are crafted from sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose gold. Best of all, each exquisite statement piece is affordable, with prices ranging from $80-$400. Each is so lightweight, feminine, and so soft to the touch.

Each signature design embodies contemporary chic with an edge of sexy and daring, ideal for wearing out to dinner, the theater, out with the girls, or that special event. The beautiful gift wrap even rivals that of world-renowned jewelry stores that line 5th and Madison Avenues. Below, read my exclusive interview with the Founder, Idalia Baudo. We discuss how the brand was founded, the inspiration behind her unique craftsmanship, and about her experience at Jill Zarin’s Lux Lunch.

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How did you get your start in jewelry design?

Looking back, I realize the different paths I had chosen in the past had lead me to this moment in time when I felt passionate and inclined to take on many roles in my company. Being a designer is not something I became until a few years ago. My background is in marketing and management.

My passion for design and jewelry started in my childhood. I loved looking through my grandmother’s jewelry box, hearing stories about each piece and also the fond memories of watching my mother get ready and putting those “finishing touches”- lipstick and jewelry, which would always magically bring everything together!

The passion continued throughout my teenage years while working at my parents’ floral company (yes, I am a floral designer), then helping them manage and run clothing stores (going on buying trips, merchandising the stores, etc..). I remember loving every minute of it! But I also found myself loving books and art, lots of it! Reading was my escape, with history of art being my favorite! The realization of creating something of my own, however, did not come until my twenties, when I started making jewelry (just as a hobby for friends and family). They loved it, and I started getting first orders, which encouraged me to keep going and take some jewelry making classes, with focus on different techniques and styles. I knew deep inside the essence of what I loved and wanted to create.

After my second child was born I experienced this deep longing of wanting to really make something different and unique. Fond childhood memories of vacations in Italy, admiring the fashion and the craftsmanship is what brought me to our partner in Tuscany.

Your pieces are so unique. How are they crafted?

IB Jewelry is made of intricately woven strands of woven mesh (a combination of silk, silver and gold metal threads), which are then individually hand-finished by local artisans with sterling and gold vermeil crafted findings. I call my jewelry COUTURE MESH because it feels soft and luxurious, like a fine couture dress! It truly is like a dream come true because with my jewelry I was able to combine both: my love for fashion and the longing for creation. I still pinch myself to see women wear my pieces and feel truly blessed.

Describe how you have been inspired?

As for inspiration, I find it in everyday life, in everything that surrounds me. I often see it in patterns, fabrics and various prints, when I see a particular texture, which grabs my attention. Often times it’s nature- I love trees, their branches are always intriguing to me, with the ocean which never sees to amaze me.

What are some pieces your recommend for autumn? How do you style them?

Ahh, fall! It is such a beautiful time of year! It is my favorite besides summer and I wish I could see more of it! However, living in Florida it’s not always possible… For Fall I recommend one of my very special pieces- the LIA choker lariat, which transitions well in to fall wardrobe or still resort/summer look depending on where you live. It’s super versatile and works great with chunky sweaters, a T-shirt or a fabulous cocktail dress.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

If I were to choose, however, at this moment it would be the LIA multi strand bracelet from my LUSH collection. I love the many stands of gold mesh, which are intricately woven, all by hand, with the dainty gold chain to create this truly magnificent piece. I find myself wearing it all the time! I also love to stack so I interchange it with some of my cuffs which are often my “go to” pieces as well! I also love the CASTELLO choker lariat- I love it for the soft texture and how versatile it is. When on your neck, you can’t even feel it’s there! It’s so light and soft, with seven different looks you can have from just one necklace- short, long, choker, lariat, even a belt! Super chic and never boring! I say: 7 Days, 7 WaysJ

Describe your experience at Jill’s event.

Jill Zarin’s Luncheon was fantastic! The fact that it was to benefit thyroid cancer research made it even more special and meaningful since IB Jewelry supports various charities and gives back. Jill was a wonderful hostess, together with Ticket to Events, who coordinated the event.

Who did you meet? How was your jewelry line received?

I truly enjoyed it and loved meeting various guests, including the ladies from RHONY, as well as Heather McDonald, Kara Alloway, who is an absolute sweetheart, Rita Cosby, and many more. It was so humbling and rewarding at the same time to hear women tell me how much they loved IB jewelry, how different it was from everything they had seen and how light and soft it felt. It was definitely one of the highlights of the summer for myself and the IB brand!



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