An Interview with Stephanie McTigue of CoFi Leathers

Jill Zarin Lux Lunch

I discovered CoFi Leathers just before I attended Jill Zarin’s 5th Annual Lux Luncheon in Southampton this summer. This refined and affordable genuine leather company, based out of Denver, sells an extensive collection of beautiful and unique clutches, cross-body bags, totes, wristlets, boots, shoes, and more. The name CoFi was created based off of the names of Founder Stephanie McTigue’s sons: “Co”lson and “Fi”nn. Each product created is named after family members or good friends.

To help launch the business and set the standards for impeccable quality, McTigue’s father, Clive, is a leather consultant and has been in the leather business for over 45 years. ‘He actively shares his extensive knowledge of leather manufacturing and product construction with McTigue to ensure that the CoFi brand not only represents style and individuality, but also upholds the highest quality.’ That notion became apparent to me right away as I was introduced to the company. I am in love with their chic and stylish collection that promotes a sense of individuality and confidence.

Discover my favorite pieces from CoFi Leathers:

  1. Megan Mini Messenger: Purple Ray
  2. Mollie Cross-Body Convertible Clutch: Leopard Stingray
  3. Tina Tennis Sneaker
  4. Erin Tote: Navy

Below you will discover my exclusive interview with Stephanie McTigue where we discuss her experience at Jill Zarin’s event, her manufacturing process, and which autumn pieces are a must to add to your collection.

Describe your experience at Jill’s event. What pieces were the favorites among the guests? Jill’s favorite?
Jill Zarin is absolute doll. She was so sweet and kind during the event. The attendees were an interesting mix of media, locals, and celebrities. I was thrilled to receive such positive feedback on the CoFi Line. People were drawn to the metallic handbags, including the Mollie Cross-body clutch, the Penny Phone bag, and the Erin Tote. Jill loved a floral wristlet that paired perfectly with her beautiful dress.
Explain your unique manufacturing process and how your company stands out in this way.
At CoFi, we manufacture all of our own unique leathers. We use Italian papers and foils via a transfer process onto the leather to custom create the leathers. The gentleman I work with in Mexico was trained for two years in Italy to perfect this process. CoFi is known for our metallic and peacock prints.
Retailers select from any of our unique prints to apply to any of our products: handbags, sneakers, shoes, boots, to custom create their own CoFi story for their stores. Our printed leathers differentiate CoFi from our competitors.

At CoFi, we believe style is a reflection of individuality. Our distinctive printed leather accessories are designed to let you be you because blending in isn’t nearly as fun as making a statement. #stylewithattitude

You are very generous with charity/non-profit donations. Tell us more about your efforts.
Each year, I make a large donation to a non-profit organization. In 2016, I donated over $6000 of iPad Cases to St. Jude’s Hospital and Colorado Cancer Center so the organizations could raise money during the holiday season, taking 100% of the proceeds.

This year, 2017, I donated over $60,000 worth of shoe inventory to Soles4Souls, an organization that provides sustainable jobs and relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

As CoFi continues to grow and we reach more customers through the United States, CoFi will continue to prioritize charitable donations and social responsibility.

Are there any new retail locations popping up on the east coast?
CoFi is excited and honored to now have CoFi handbags at Shoe-Inn on the East Coast. I hope to expand our offering with Shoe-Inn as our relationship continues to develop. Shoe-Inn has locations in East Hampton, Westport, Livingston, Englewood, West Hampton Beach, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, and Ridgewood.
Which are your favorite autumn pieces?

A few of my personal favorite CoFi products for fall include the Sage Slip-on sneakers in gold, the Belle Buckle Boots in Black, and the Rose Gold Black Tote paired with my platinum wristlet that I keep inside of the bag to stay organized.

CoFi leathers is also sold at Stitch Southampton.


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