An Interview with Markus Bender of Nordic Beach

Nordic Beach

It is a pleasure to introduce my readers to Nordic Beach, a company based in Southern California that has created a cozy, super-soft wrap jacket that can be worn year round. Their jackets currently come in three colors: Fluffy Gray, Fluffy Black, and Fluffy Frappe. These are perfect to wear everywhere: shopping, sporting events, yoga, work, a ski trip, the mountains, or anywhere you want to be comfy and cozy!

I love my Nordic Beach jacket so much! I will be wearing mine to the Hamptons International Film Festival this autumn, out to the park with my children, to the beach, and out shopping. The jacket is especially ideal for postpartum moms. When my son is born, the jacket will help protect him from the wind and the elements as I will be ‘wearing him’ as I am out and about.

Below you will find my exclusive interview with Markus Bender, Nordic Beach’s Designer.

How was the design developed?  

It was actually a hot summer day in Malibu that inspired me to design what is now Nordic Beach. A super hot day that turned cold quickly towards the end of the day. Dropping over 30 degrees in minutes once the wind shifted a came directly from the Pacific. I remember that day clearly as people were grabbing whatever they had to keep warm. But it was when I noticed a young girl wrapped in a blanket & the way it was draped on her is was gave me the vision & inspiration for Nordic Beach.

What are the benefits of a one size fits all jacket?

Whether you are short or tall, narrow or wide one of my major objectives was to design a functional garment that you would feel comfy & cozy in & look adorable wearing. As simplistic as Nordic Beach is, I put a lot of thought into the design & attention to detail because I wanted to give you all these features & yet be a one size fits all. It’s wonderful! No matter who you hand your Nordic Beach to, I want it to fit them so they too can enjoy it as much as you. Stores absolutely love the 1 size as well. It means less inventory for them & there is nothing worse than not having a size in stock that a customer wants.

It also is fabulous when wanting to give the perfect gift to someone, you never need to worry if you got the right size!

How do you recommend styling the jacket, particularly in varying weather temperatures/conditions?  

You will be styling in your Nordic Beach wearing heels, flats or your Uggs!  Whether you’re out for a latte with your friends or walking the red carpet at star studded event as many have. It’s fabulous to wear with jeans or a skirt! The styling is as limitless as your fashion taste. But the best thing about having a Nordic Beach is that it’s light & fluffy and will keep you comfy & cozy when you need it most.

I love the name Nordic Beach! How was that name chosen? 

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I wanted a name that would reflect warmth yet make you think of something chilly or cold. And since it was a cold beach that gave me the inspiration, I thought Nordic Beach would be fitting.

Can you purchase the jackets in boutiques?  

Absolutely! Nordic Beach is gaining popularity with quality boutiques, especially on the east coast. And of course is available online at

Nordic Beach
Credit: @caitlineliza8

Nordic Beach is also available for purchase on Amazon.

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