Is It Safe To Order Seafood Online?

ordering seafood online

With the increasing popularity of people preferring different sources of protein, seafood is one of the hot favorites for many. However, it is pretty difficult to always go out and buy seafood, and most people prefer to order online.  Most people are confused about what factors they should base their decisions on to buy the right seafood. So, these are some of the things that you must consider while ordering seafood online.

  1. Order from a reliable seafood supplier or fishmonger: The last thing you want is to have expired seafood and fall sick. So, make sure you order online from a reliable seafood supplier who is in the business for some time and provides authentic and fresh seafood.
  2. Allergy Considerations: Before you order seafood online, make sure you are aware of your allergies and the specifics of it. According to studies, most people are allergic to either finfish or crustaceans. So, make sure that you take care of such facts before ordering.
  3. Perishability: This is a very important factor as you would definitely want to know for how long your seafood will stay intact. For e.g., a salmon won’t last much longer. So when you are planning to make a seafood meal make sure you know about the shelf life of the product.
  4. Product Shipping Details: When you have purchased your seafood, make sure to know about the details of the shipping. Do enquire about the process they are shipping and how they are keeping it refrigerated.
  5. Safe seafood shopping: Well, generally try and purchase fishes that are lower on the food chains like anchovies, mackerel, sardines, etc. It is because larger predatory fishes eat smaller fishes; thereby concentration of contaminants is higher in such fishes. Moreover, these small fishes contain a high level of omega-three fats, which are really good for health.
  6. Buy the Right Frozen Fish: When you order fish, online make sure you buy seafood that is native to your country and is capable of holding a larger shelf life.
  • If you are choosing to buy salmon, choose wild salmon over framed, which is available at cheap prices.
  • If you are looking to buy shrimp, buy the wild-caught ones instead of the imported ones

Now, these are some of the examples, do pick your choice of fish on the basis of price and shelf life of the product. Also, please make sure a proper sustainable method is followed while catching them.

  1. Canned Fish: Most people feel that canned fish is not a good option when you are ordering seafood online. However, canned fish is actually an excellent budget-friendly option; moreover, it is nutritious especially canned tuna and salmon, which are very rich in omega-3s and low in sodium. You can use this for fish cakes and salad.

So, these are some considerations that you should definitely keep in mind while ordering seafood online. Yes, you are bound to feel confused, but make sure that all your doubts get cleared before you order seafood online.