An Interview with Larry Scott, Founder of Lawrence Scott Events

Larry Scott and John Legend

Credit: ©Mark Sagliocco, Getty Images

Celebrity event planner Larry Scott, Founder of Lawrence Scott Events, throws the most epic parties throughout the Hamptons all season long, in addition to several in New York City and in Nassau County during the year. A signature Lawrence Scott Event offers guests a chance to enter a magical environment that allows them to escape and connect in a magnificent space unlike any other. Larry Scott has been planning one-of-a-kind-events for over two decades, and all of his event services are in-house, so clients receive only the best customized décor, food, flowers and entertainment which blends together to make a perfect event.

Equally known for producing spectacular one-of-a-kind events as he is for his philanthropic endeavors, he is viewed just as much as a philanthropist as he is a legendary events planner. Larry has a long undisclosed list of loyal A-list celebrity clients that keep rehiring him for his bespoke events and discreet and personable approach, including such high profile clients as Judge Judy, Howard Stern, Vera Wang and John Varvatos. His most recent parties in the Hamptons include Stony Brook Southampton’s 61st Annual Summer Party.

I recently sat down with Larry Scott, where we talked about what he is most looking forward to producing this fall, important details not to overlook when planning an event, and of course his favorite dining spots out east.

What are your favorite aspects of planning an event?

What I like most about my events is that guests leave liking the event as a whole. In other parties, people like the music or the food. In my parties, it’s not one thing. They love all of it. This goes back to my role as a storyteller. With a book, a painting or a movie, an author/painter/director doesn’t aim to have people connect with just one chapter, one section, or one scene. The same principle applies here. For the best event creators, it’s a form of art.

What are you most looking forward to unveiling for your events this August in the Hamptons and this fall?

I’m especially looking forward to producing the Global Lyme Alliance Gala (New York, NY) on Thursday, October 10th which I will be producing for the 5th year.

Larry Scott Party atmosphere
Courtesy of Northwell Health

Which are three details that many may overlook when planning an event?

First, it is important to explore the “edge” that makes the clients who they are. That is the mystery that guests are going to be intrigued by. It’s what gives individual events their own personality.

It is also key to give guests something to enjoy. It’s better to serve the best, i.e., heaps of one really good thing than a “whole lot of shit.” Plus, Desserts have to be killers.

And then there’s “the surprise.” Every party must have one. What types of surprises have I concocted in past events? How about, while people are seated for dinner in my backyard (the part he insists is the best time to hold presentations), opera begins to play and six drag queens come out to the tennis court and start playing? Or Cirque de Soleil descending from surrounding trees?

Décor arranged by Lawrence Scott Events ©Patrick McMullan
©Patrick McMullan

What are some of your points of inspiration?

I take my own inspiration from ordinary things and transforms the idea into something fantastic, sometimes fantastical. Old movies are a favorite.

Larry Scott ©Patrick McMullan
©Patrick McMullan

How do you love to spend your summers out east?

I like to be private, invite friends over for intimate dinner parties or enjoy nature, like the Pond in East Hampton. I don’t like going to every ‘opening of an envelope.’ I don’t like oversaturating myself.

And of course, it wouldn’t be East End Taste if I didn’t ask where are your favorite spots to dine out east? What do you like to cook at home?

I love seafood, both to cook at home and dine out. Two of my favorite restaurants are The Clam Bar and Duryea’s Lobster Deck in Montauk. Their lobster rolls are delicious. // 516-933-7535