Lunch Break at Mary’s Marvelous


I have heard of Mary’s Marvelous since 2012 and visited their Amagansett location that fall for some coffee. Just because I rarely visit Amagansett, I had not been back until they opened up their East Hampton location in the former Bucket’s Deli spot on Newtown Lane. I had lunch here last week on a Monday, and it was considerably busy for a Monday at almost 2pm. Customers were walking in and out, browsing the refrigerated section and browsing the baked goods. If you are in a hurry, pick up a quick sandwich, salad, and juice or choose to have something made fresh.

At the East Hampton location, their menu is just above the right-hand counter. I had to sit their and carefully read the board for at least a minute or so before I finally made my decision. But what was skipped from my view were their specials, located just to the left of me on a small rectangular board. The special for the day that stuck out in my mind was a “Power Bowl,” made with organic short grain brown rice, organic black bean, queso fresco, house made salsa, and avocado for $8.95 or $10.95 in a wrap with eggs; this is something I would strongly consider ordering on my next visit. I saw three of these ordered in under ten minutes. For a list of East Hampton’s daily specials, please click here.

During my first visit for lunch I ordered the Falafel made with shredded lettuce, tomato, sriracha, lemon tahini sauce, on a pita for $8.95. In addition to my order, I purchased watermelon juice for $5, a freshly baked scone ($3.25), and a package of Mary O’s. The watermelon juice was so refreshing and very reasonably priced for out here! I never thought I would eat the whole Falafel and the scone! The scone tasted as if it came out of the oven within that hour and the Mary O’s were unbelievably good! If I were to write the slogan for these cookies, the first one that comes to mind is, “Don’t Think, just dO” because when you are eating them, you don’t even realize that your cookie is almost gone, it’s that good! I am still enjoying the Mary O’s at home, I have two more left. Think of these as gourmet Oreos, not too too sweet, satisfying and oh so addicting! It is so difficult to eat just one. I had to have two the other evening, I couldn’t resist! The Falafel could be split among two people if you are just a little hungry, but I hardly ate that morning; I only had a banana around 8am. For additional items on their lunch menu, please click here.

During my second visit to Mary’s Marvelous, I decided to order the Power Bowl for myself and got the watermelon juice again. Once I arrived home just a short while later, it was time to degust my meal. The Power Bowl was very satisfying; I ate it all up right away and would definitely order it again. I loved that they put a generous amount of avocado on top. I can see why this is a favorite amongst customers. This time, I came in at around 12:30pm and it was mobbed, I just barely made it to the counter to pick up my order. Good thing I called ahead of time! It was ready upon arrival.

For my third visit, which trust me is not long off, I would have the curry chicken salad made with house roasted chicken mixed with sauteed fresh pineapple,onions and curry, cilantro and a bit of mayonnaise for $7.95, the Vermont Cheddar sandwich $5.95 (add ons – tomato, bacon $6.95) or the butternut and spinach gratin made with layers of spinach and butternut squash with a bit of parmesan cheese, onion, garlic, spinach, heavy cream (just a bit), butternut, and some more parmesan for $8.95.

If it is from Mary’s, you know it is going to be superior quality, incredibly delicious, and memorable. I cannot wait to go back and get some more Mary O’s! They are open for breakfast and lunch daily. There is very limited seating inside both locations, but there are plenty of benches in both the front and down the sidewalk. For more information, please visit


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