Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury, Connecticut


There are two ways to garden. You could choose the laborious route, weed the garden patch, till the earth, fertilize your soil, plant seeds, hope they grow, apply pesticide to give them a fighting chance to become the beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables that are the intended end result of all this torture. Or, you could take a scenic drive out to the picturesque Connecticut town of Roxbury, where you will find the Maple Bank Farm stand, offering an impressive variety of vegetable and flower plants, already started for you and ready to plant!

While most farm stands offer produce and other sundries, which Maple Bank Farm does offer, this farm stand is unique in that it offers a huge selection of potted plants. Flowers, shrubbery, and even vegetable plants are available for purchase at the farm stand. Simply take them home, place them in the ground, and your work is done.

blueberry patch farm connecticut

Maple Bank Farm holds the impressive distinction of being among the oldest continually operating farms in the country. It has been passed down through the same family since its incorporation in 1730, and the current owners, Cathy and Howie Bronson are have been proudly maintaining the family farm since the 1980s.

This six acre farm was established in the early 1700s, and has been offering the town of Roxbury the fruits of its labor ever since. The property is absolutely beautiful. Located on Church Street on rural Route 317 in Roxbury, the sloping hillsides and quaint country houses create a an unforgettable view. Maple Bank Farm also raises sheep and cows, and the adorable critters can be seen roaming the grounds as you pick your produce.

The farm stand at Maple Bank Farm is open April to December, and offers a seasonal rotation of plants and produce. April and May begin with flower, tomato, and lettuce plants for sale. July through mid August, they open the blueberry orchard for pick your own blueberries, and they finish the growing season by offering apples, pumpkins, and corn in Autumn.

The farm stand is currently open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm.