March Farms in Bethlehem Connecticut


Nestled into the hills and winding roads of Bethlehem CT is March Farms. Acres of windswept fruit trees pepper the landscape, branches heavy with fruit ready to be picked by happy guests. Across the way is a glimmering pond where ducks alight on the water and songbirds flitter in the trees. Under a hand built pavilion, children are playing on swings and slides, their laughter echoing melodically across the field. A Remodeled, updated 1800’s farm house sits across from the red provisions barn, welcoming guests to stop in for fresh picked fruit, or a fresh baked pie.

History & Season

All this and more is available at March Farms, on Munger Lane in the sleepy town of Bethlehem, Connecticut. All 150 acres of March Farm has been used as a working farm for 100 years, and has stayed in the family, being passed down for 4 generations. They are open May through December, with a farm stand open 10-6 seven days a week during these months. In addition to the farm itself, the playscape for children, and the farm stand, March Farms also offers guests the option to pick their own fruit. If you have never experienced this fun family activity, you are missing out. Picking your own fruit offers an opportunity to get a little closer to nature, without any of the unpleasantries of farming like mulching, weeding, and the like. Each month has its own unique offering. Cherries are the pick for June-July, blueberries July-August, peaches in August, and apples and pumpkins September-October.

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If picking your own isn’t for you, March Farms also offers the farm market and bakery, with fresh picked produce from March Farm, as well as other local farms with whom they collaborate in order to offer guests the best variety. They are most known for their delicious Dutch variety tomatoes. They also offer a seasonal rotation of pies, cakes, breads, and brownies. A standby in the baked goods section at the farm market are their famous cider doughnuts.


In addition to their regularly scheduled offerings, March Farms also offers an array of events. They are available for rent to host and cater events such as weddings, field trips, birthday parties, and the like. They also offer a corn maze every autumn, and offer events throughout the season such as workshops, a bike race, and farm to table dinners, the details of which can be located on their events page. // 203-266-7721