Essential Oils with Mary Sabo


Mary Sabo is a private and small group yoga instructor based in the Hamptons who also hones her skills in essential oils. Mary Sabo also featured her line of essential oils at the 2nd Annual Hamptons Interactive Influencer Brunch on Saturday, July 20th in East Hampton at The Maidstone Hotel. At the brunch, Mary educated guests on the power of essential oils, and created custom blends for guests to take home and try for themselves. Guests at last Saturday’s event were raving about her essential oil’s collection and really looked forward to trying them more in-depth that weekend and over longer periods of time.

mary sabo essential oils

Take a look at Mary Sabo’s website for more information about her and her services, including if you subscribe to her mailing list, you will receive ‘3 Steps You Need To Take To Create Your Dream Lifestyle.’

Learn more about Mary’s doTERRA Essential Oils here. Mary even illustrates how to add essential oils into your daily routine. For example, she recommends a peppermint touch rollerball to heal headaches, and a rose touch rollerball for glowing skin.

If you have been considering taking private yoga classes, Mary’s classes are particularly ideal for one-on-one attention that you can’t get in a group class, a customized yoga program with add-ons like essential oils and guided meditations, an hour completed dedicated to you and your needs, and physical adjustments and clear directions that will help you deepen your practice. Mary is also a wellness coach and can create a customized 90-day wellness plan and many more supercharged wellness options. // 516-375-4707