Sweet Sunday: MilkBoy Chocolates

MilkBoy Chocolates

Discovered at the Summer Fancy Food Show is MilkBoy Chocolates, a premium chocolate bar company that was founded just over a year and a half ago. Based in Brooklyn, they manufacture their chocolate bars in Switzerland and have the mission of renewing the stature of Swiss Chocolate in the U.S. Remember when Lindt Chocolate, for example, was immensely popular in the 1990’s and early 2000’s? Well forgive me, by Lindt cannot compare to the smooth, creamy texture of MilkBoy in addition to their three new flavors, which I had the pleasure of trying at home and at the food show.

The chocolate flavors are inspired by the Swiss alps with a desire to be traditional in flavor. The six varieties I tried were: Milk Chocolate, Swiss White Chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla, 60% Cocoa with essential Pine Tree Oil, as well as their new flavors: Extra Dark 85% Cocoa, crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt, and Alpine Milk Chocolate with Refreshing Lemon and Ginger.

MilkBoy Chocolates

Each chocolate bar as smooth and luxurious, and crafted from the finest-quality cocoa beans and best-quality milk available. The Caramel and Sea Salt was less sweet than expected, and had a delicate crunch from the caramel pieces with a light touch of sea salt, neither infusion overwhelmed the other. In the Bourbon Vanilla, you can actually see the ground Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods in the white chocolate. The 60% Cocoa with Pine Tree Oil was less woodsy tasting than expected; a lovely essence of pine and mint that complimented the chocolate. That is the chocolate bar you want to accompany you on a camping trip or a trek into the mountainous countryside. My favorite out of their line was the Milk Chocolate with Refreshing Lemon and Ginger. Think of a gingersnap that eloped with a lemon cream cookie in a sea of splendid chocolate.

MilkBoy is a sustainable company as they use only UTZ certified cocoa in its chocolate products and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for its packaging. Notably, MilkBoy was selected as a Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards for the outstanding specialty foods and beverages of 2015.

Each chocolate bar is 3.5 oz and retails for $5 on their website.



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