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Mindful Juice provides 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices. All of the ingredients used in creating their juices is 100% organic 100% of the time. The company is based on the philosophy of being mindful of what you are consuming, the environment, and the importance of organic farming by protecting yourself and the planet, while creating a lifestyle out of it. Mindfulness means something different to every single person, whether it is being aware of something, or staying focused. It may also be about taking that few minutes out of your day to drink a 100% cold pressed juice juice, slowing down, and nourishing yourself.

Mindful Juice was founded in 2014 by Brian Carroll and Schuyler Semlear, who have combined their professional expertise into making this business successful and unique. Carroll holds a Masters degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, where he also teaches environmental policy. He infuses sustainability concepts into every aspect of this business, from the materials used to the produce, which is organic and locally sourced. Semlear is a science teacher, understanding the scientific properties of the juices and how they react with the body to create optimal nutrition. Semlear has spent substantial time in the Amazon rainforest, where he explored the benefits and detoxifying qualities of various spices, fruits, and plants.

“Yoga inspired us to create this company,” explains Semlear. “We were both always interested in juicing. Juicing is especially nutritious because juices go into your bloodstream quicker than solid foods. Consuming juice is a quick way of absorbing essential vitamins and minerals.”

Mindful Juice currently offers three signature juices (Elevated, Grounded, and Balanced), as well as two immunity shots (Land & Sea, and Fire & Spice), offering a hydrating kick as well as added energy and stamina. Elevated is made with kale, dandelion, parsley, celery, cucumber, and lemon. Grounded is a blend of beet root, carrot, celery, cucumber, apple, and ginger. Balanced is a fruity, refreshing concoction of pineapple, mint, apple and turmeric. Land & Sea is spirulina, lemon, ginger, and coconut water; and Fire & Spice is lemon, ginger, and cayenne.

Each juice has powerful, nutrient-rich ingredients. Turmeric is great at helping combat inflammation. Dandelion is really high in vitamin A and K. It is the same dandelion that grows in your backyard. What is juiced are the greens of that weed. Spirulina is amazingly high in protein for its size, and one of the main foods of the Aztecs. Spirulina also helps to oxygenate your blood. Cayenne is really good for clearing out your sinuses. The pineapple and beet juices are really refreshing. The beet juice, for instance, does not have a strong beet taste because the carrot juice adds a mild, slightly sweet taste to it.

Out of three, I decided to take home a bottle of Grounded. I am not a huge fan of beets and always decide against beet juice as the strong taste of beets is so overpowering for me. This was the first time that I tried a juice with beets as the primary ingredient that I was not discouraged by the taste! The carrot juice was more distinct and it was a very smart choice to pair the carrot and beet juice together as the two main ingredients. The celery and cucumber create a very refreshing undertone. You can taste the ginger more towards the bottom. I also tried the two immunity. The Fire & Spice created a fireball in my mouth and gave me a jolt to start the day. The ginger slices settle at the bottom, so I was sure to give it a good shake between each sip. The Land & Sea was great to have in between my lunch and dinner, provided just that perfect bit of hydration with a boost.

“The ideal time to drink a juice is not on a completely empty stomach,” adds Semlear. “One juice in the morning and one in the evening with a small salad on the side is great as a supplement. Green juice is wonderful to start the day, and is a way of resetting the body.”

Mindful Juice is in the process of expanding their product line as well as offering seasonal juices, such as watermelon, in the summer.  The new watermelon juice called “Awakened” will be available starting this weekend. It will feature watermelon, watermelon rind and a hint of lime. The watermelon rind has an amino acid called Citrulline which is beneficial to blood flow.

Mindful Juice is now available for delivery in the Hamptons through a collaboration with The Good Farm Delivery. They can be ordered online and delivered on Friday, alongside many other amazing local artisans and producers. The juice is also sold at SagTown Coffee in Sag Harbor and Montauk, and at the Hester Street Fair in NYC Lower East Side (Saturdays 11am-6pm). Sampling events will be held throughout the summer at One Ocean Yoga in Bridgehampton and SagTown Coffee’s two locations. Mindful Juice does do catering!



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