Mix Prime Woodbury

mix prime woodbury ct

Recently we had the pleasure of dining at Mix Prime, a steakhouse, fish, and sushi bar in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by the manager Rick Raci and Executive Chef Walid Gad. Gad has been working in the United States for many years now and worked at the previous establishment named Carmen Anthony’s, which was a local favorite for many years. 

Gad’s experience in the restaurant scene has taught him that each restaurant has its own unique flavor and style. He always makes a point to incorporate fresh herbs and fresh products in his cooking. He says that incorporating foods like quinoa can be challenging though he doesn’t let that stop him with preparing delicious meals. 


The environment we are dining in is very warm and pleasant. There are wooden tables and they are decorated with candle lights as well as wooden lined walls and tables.  The atmosphere is somewhat rustic which falls in line with the classic New England flair. This restaurant is truly a standout New England establishment. What is unique about Mix Prime is that they have a sushi bar within their restaurant. The sushi bar is like those you would find in a classic sushi restaurant, where sushi chefs cater to your culinary needs right before your eyes. 

mix prime woodbury ct

Talking to the manager, it is obvious that the patrons are what gives him the passion of working in the restaurant industry.  “The greatest experience for me is being able to be around the guests, there is no better feeling, it truly means everything for me.” Replied Rick. Our waiter Charlie is gracious and attentive and he provides us with standout service throughout our dining at the restaurant. I find it pleasant that every member of the team here is gracious and attentive. This is certainly something that creates a memorable dining experience. 

Menu Higlights

We are presented with an assortment of delicious sushi. I get to try the Samurai Rolland the Spicy Tuna Roll. The Spicy Tuna Roll has such a deep level of taste. It is among the best Spicy Tuna Rolls I have ever tasted.  The sushi is scrumptious, there is so much taste and flavor in every bite.  The level of spiciness is just perfect. In my opinion, the sushi that I tried could make a non sushi lover fall in love with sushi. 

I had a Malbec. The Malbec has a lot of flavor, there is a fine level of sweetness to the wine as well as a sweet aroma, and it presents itself with a smooth taste and leaves a refreshing feeling on the palate. 

The Chicken Parmesan ($22), served with linguini and marina, gives me the feeling I am in a true Italian establishment of sorts.  The Chicken Parmesan has an artisanal flavor.  These are fine choice cutlets of chicken, they are lightly breaded, and there is just the right amount of sauce. The parmesan cheese is melted on the chicken in a perfect fashion and there is an abundance of taste and flavor in every bite.  The Malbec paired with the Chicken Parmesan complement each other well. 

Dining at Mix Prime is a unique and pleasant experience. They offer menu options that no other restaurant in the area can match. Being able to enjoy sushi as an appetizer while having an Italian meal for dinner is certainly an eclectic and enjoyable experience.  This restaurant certainly gives the patron a desire to return.

View their full dinner menu here.


Mix Prime in Woodbury is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The bar is open late nightly, and as late as 2am on Friday and Saturday.

https://mixprimewoodbury.com // 203-586-1788