Moke America

Moke America

Moke is now in America! Moke America is the Hamptons beach mobile. I recently sat down with the CEO of Moke America, Todd Rome (who is actually quite the Hamptonite), to learn more about the completely electric Moke. I also took the iconic buggy out for a test drive in Sag Harbor.

Rome is the one who fought for the exclusive rights for this car in the U.S., which is allowed to be driven on roads that do not exceed thirty miles per hour, making it the perfect transportation for a drive to and from the beach, dinner, and around many parts of the East End. In fact, you can find Mokes available all across the country.

What are three characteristics that make Moke so unique?

The Moke’s most endearing quality is its beloved heritage that resonates for so many people around the world— from surfers in Australia to resort vacationers in St. Barth and Barbados. At Moke America, we’ve built upon that heritage and made it stronger with 21st Century electric power! Lastly, you can fully customize your Moke America car comes in 8 fun colors (+ a limited edition Camo), with bespoke options like a wooden steering wheel, white seats, tops and black-out rims.

Where are your favorite spots to drive the Moke?

I live in Sag Harbor and I love driving all over town, from breakfast at the Golden Pear to lunch at Sag Pizza, and dinner at Beacon to catch the sunset. I also have a home in Miami, so our Moke America electric car is perfect for cruising around South Beach! The Moke turns heads wherever it goes.

What are some of your beach essentials?

I live right on the beach in Sag Harbor, so my gear is simple: my Vilebrequin swim trunks, a pair of SeaStar Beach Shoes, my favorite Boardworks paddle board, trendy Persol sunglasses and a couple beach chairs!

How can you customize the Moke?

Moke America is highly customizable. First, you can choose the exterior color from 8 bright hues, plus Camo (which is extra). Next, you can change up the color of the bumper, grill and roll bar. You can upgrade to all white seats, or add bench seating in the back. Add a wooden steering wheel, too. And “top” it off with one of our Bimini or Full tops.

Where can you find the Moke on Long Island?

You can order one of our electric Mokes at We also have a dealership in Southampton, Aventura Motors.


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