Mother Nurture Truffles and Enhanced Waters

Mother Nurture Truffles and Enhanced Waters

My first pregnancy was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, but for all the right reasons. My husband and I are blessed with a beautiful little girl who was born on her due date in early 2014. I experienced extreme morning sickness for the first five months of pregnancy, became severely dehydrated in the last month that required a visit to the hospital and two liters of intravenous fluid, a month of bedrest, and periods of exhaustion. As a fitness trainer, it is sometimes shameful to admit that I hardly exercised in the first six months, and after regaining some strength, I practiced gentle yoga and Pilates.

Staying hydrated and eating healthy is the most important thing you can do for you and your growing fetus. Did you know that according to several medical journals, women who are pregnant should drink eight cups or between 80-100 fluid ounces a day? I had such a difficult time drinking that much water a day that I had to keep track via a homemade chart on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I would not refer to it for several days at a time. I vowed that I would never do that again. Therefore, I am so pleased to introduce Mother Nurture, to my readers.

Mother Nurture Enhanced Waters

Mother Nurture* allows women who are pregnant/breastfeeding to stay hydrated with refreshing flavored waters and treat themselves to delicious chocolate truffles. Both products contain some of the essential nutrients that mom and baby need like folic acid, DHA, protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and choline. The ingredients in each of their nutrient blends work in harmony with prenatal vitamins. The enhanced waters and chocolate truffles contain natural ingredients, with nothing artificial. Please note that Mother Nurture is not a substitute for prenatal vitamins.

Each 16.9 fluid ounce bottle has just 90 calories and is sweetened with pure cane sugar. I recommend enjoy two bottles per day. The water tastes so nourishing and has just the right amount of sweet. There is no chemically aftertaste, and there is a gentle tang to each sip. I just love the Tropical Splash and Pink Grapefruit flavors I had the opportunity to try. The chocolates were such a great treat as well. I have a daily craving for chocolate, and each piece fulfilled my craving. The chocolates have a soft, chewy center and are perfect for having after a healthy, satisfying meal.

I really enjoyed both the waters and the chocolates and am so pleased to have discovered these products. I would highly recommend them to mothers and to women wo are trying to conceive and who are currently pregnant. I can see myself enjoying their products throughout a future pregnancy and after delivery.

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*I received these products complementary courtesy of Mother Nurture for reviewing and sharing purposes. All content is original and my own.


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