Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother’s Day Git Guide

With Mother’s Day less than two weeks ago, ignite that spark of creativity when it comes to gift giving. I always love to present my mom with stand-out gifts that either teach a new cooking or food preparation concept, or perhaps an up-and-coming specialty food brand that I know she will love. Below are ten food centric Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to wow mom this year.

 BACARDÍ Rum Collection

Their new premium rum collection makes for a beautiful gift for cocktail loving mothers this season! Recently, BACARDÍ launched two new premium products, BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro and BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez, which were designed over a two year period beginning in 2015 and culminating in 2017. The launch is accompanied by a repackaging of BACARDÍReserva Ocho, and rounded out by extra-aged BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Limitada to complete the portfolio.

Bacardi Premium Portfolio

The Olive Oil Shoppe- Olive Oil Lover’s Gift Set

Make a miracle happen with their DIY olive oil gift sets. Create fresh flavors with a spice rack that includes basil, oregano chili and garlic. The set includes the funnels, the fusti, the stand and three glass bottles. Use the dipping plates to sop up every last drop. Infuse with enthusiasm. ($119.99)

1-olive oil shoppe_group

Sfoglini– Pasta of the Month Club

The all organic American grain, Brooklyn-made pasta served by some of New York’s top chefs and available nationwide, is the ultimate gift for pasta loving moms everywhere. Treat your mother all-yearlong with a special monthly delivery of Sfoglini’s organic boxed pastas. Each month, she’ll receive one signature pasta, and one seasonal specialty pasta made from unique ingredients from local farms, along with recipes from the chef behind Sfoglini plus pairing suggestions. Available for three months ($65), six months ($120) and a full year ($225).



GODIVA is offering some of the most beautifully designed, and most importantly delicious, chocolate gift-boxes. Their 12 pc. square box features individually wrapped milk and dark chocolates, in addition to GODIVA’s Belgian chocolate classics. ($18)

12 pc Mother’s Day Gift Box (2)


Yonanas is the perfect gift for healthy moms. The small kitchen gadget instantly turns frozen fruits into a smooth, soft-serve textured dessert. Designed with health in mind, the machine compliments a variety of dietary restrictions and produces treats that contain NO dairy, NO added sugar and NO artificial ingredients. All that is needed are frozen fruits! Best of all, cleanup is easy since its dishwasher safe. Each Yonanas maker comes with a booklet featuring hundreds of unique recipes, most of which require 1-3 ingredients. Major retailers include Bed, Bath & Beyond. ($49.99)

Yonanas Classic Mom Son 1200×1200


Golden Door: Delightful Honey Collection & Salted Caramel Cookies

Give mom a yummy treat from Golden Door, the Destination Spa to the stars. The honey comes in three varieties: Delightful Sweet Peppermint Honey, Applewood Smoked Honey, and Delightful Spicy Serrano Honey. Their new Irresistable Salted Caramel Cookies contain no sugar substitutes and no preservatives, just healthy, yummy goodness. 100% of the proceeds go to children’s charities! (Honey, $36.95; Cookies, $18)




Hampton Water

Award winning music icon, Jon Bon Jovi and acclaimed French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand, have joined forces to launch a premium rosé wine label, Hampton Water, available now in the US market. The wine is described as a fresh and lively rosé, with distinctive minerality, featuring Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre, grape varieties characteristic of the French Mediterranean region. ($25)


Cake Jar Nation

Cake Jars are just that: colorful layers of delicious cake layered with handcrafted buttercream frosting in a convenient, perfectly-portioned jar. Cake Jars use unbleached flour, fresh eggs, and real sugar in each confection. Cake Jar Nation offers two signature Cake Jars, the Rainbow Birthday Cake Jar: bright, colorful layers of cake with vanilla frosting, topped with sprinkles; and the Chocolate Obsession Cake Jar with layers of dark chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache. Nationwide shipping available. ($39, 6 jars; $78; 12 jars)

Styled -2

Blüm Beverages

Blüm, featuring an artistic touch to their bottle design, is a non-alcoholic, plant-based, low calorie, botanical elixir.Blüm offers two culinary-inspired blends: Uplift is loaded with antioxidants and yerba mate and gives drinkers an elegant boost for social engagement, while Zen is loaded with hibiscus, chamomile, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants which help you relax and un-wind.  Both blends balance earthy tones of brewed herbals with brighter floral notes. Available to ship nationwide. ($15.95)

Blum Beverages


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