Mumbelli: A Loving Transition for Newborns

Mumbelli nautical

Thinking of that perfect baby shower gift or something special for your new bundle of joy? Mumbelli is a luxuriously crafted space for your newborn that cradles them in cradles your baby in womb-like comfort. By mirroring the calm and secure environment experienced in the womb, the exceptionally crafted and portable Mumbelli is designed exclusively for babys first months until they start to roll over independently.

It allows new babies to transition to life outside the womb with gradual ease by offering such benefits as sounder sleeping, fewer fussy, moments, less crying, and less restlessness.

Mumbelli peach
Above/Header photo courtesy of Mumbelli

Mirroring the calm and secure environment experienced in the womb, the safe and luxurious Mumbelli is designed with a firm, yet comfortable foam mattress. There is an adjustable footrest that grows with baby to provide the missing sensation of support experienced in the womb and a plush, machine washable exterior.

An optional wedge insert can help keep baby feeling comfortable after feeding and can help reduce the likelihood of acid reflux. Mumbelli can be placed on most sturdy surfaces and is a great way to comfort a newborn handsfree, under caregiver supervision. Remember to never leave your baby alone in the Mumbelli and to review the safety instructions before use.

It is portable, incredibly lightweight and comes in an easy to carry traveling bag so that parents can take it along and conveniently store on planes, trains and automobiles. Mumbelli is especially ideal for hotels and when staying at a family member’s home or guest house.

Additionally, Mumbelli is Doctor Approved.

The collection comes in four colors: Nautical, Premium Taupe, Light Blue, and Peach.

Mumbelli is priced at $129-$149 with free shipping available within the continental USA. 


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