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New York City

East End Taste has debuted their new column: My City. My City includes a feature Q&A with residents from notable cities and regions from across the world, highlighting the best places to stay, eat and what to do for visitors of all ages. This week’s first featured city is New York with Laura Little of

New York City East End Taste

Where should one go first when visiting your city for the first time?

There are SO many places to see in New York, but depending on the time of year I think the first stop HAS to be Central Park.

In your opinion, what is the best time of year to visit?

Hit New York in either the fall or spring, not too hot, and not too cold. New York is a city where you do a lot of walking so it’s good to come at a time where the temperature is moderate.

Which district is the best area to stay in? Any hotels you recommend?

If you want an authentic live in the city type of experience there is a really good Facebook group called “Gypsy Housing NYC” where you can sublease apartments for a week or more. If you’re looking for something a little sexier check out the Nomad Hotel, it’s minutes from 34th street, very chic, but not so packed like say a Times Square residence.

Where are your three favorite spots to dine?

  1. Korea Town – anywhere really! Korean Buffet, Korean BBQ, and Karaoke! Look out for HanaMichi – a sweet little spot that’s great for lunch. You can get lunch for 2 for under $50. 28 W 32nd St b/t Broadway & 5th Ave, Koreatown, Midtown West
  2. The Lodge at Gallow Green – This is a very cool place in the summer or winter, vintagey drinks, and speciality cocktails as well as a roof bar. The building that it’s in hosts the interactive show “sleep no more”. Definitely, off the tourist path, you’ll have fun here. This one isn’t cheap, but super cool.
  3. For a fast “I’m shopping until I drop” and don’t have time to eat kind of lunch, dip into any “Sweet green” – they are all around the city and you’re guaranteed a really nice meal that won’t break the bank.

Describe your perfect day in your city

My perfect day would be with my partner taking a walk on the high line starting uptown and ending on 14th street. Then I’d dip into THE WHITNEY for a spot of lunch and some Art. Finished with a stop off at my favorite shopping destination Anthropology inside of Chelsea Market. Which is also super fun to explore, lots of great eateries, and pop up shops.

Which three hidden spots are a must do/see while visiting?

  1. Economy Candy in the lower east side – their website doesn’t really do them justice. Just head there. It’s a little store full of candy, ALL candy. EVERYTHING from childhood, they haven’t changed the look since 1937…(no really). You’ll thank me.
  2. Hillsong NYC – If you don’t want to give up prayer time definitely stop into Hillsong NYC, it’s basically a rock concert with some really really good pastors. It’s loud, and hip and held in a nightclub.
  3. Sammys Roumanian Steak House– so, of course, I had to put one food option in here. This spot is off the beaten path, and pretty much only local new yorkers know about it. Think of a cross between a Bar Mitzvah and a country music throw down. It’s amazing food, and total chaos. Vodka is served in Ice Blocks, and everyone is family. Warning it’s $$$ – but they have the best pickles and chopped liver.
New York City East End Taste
Photos courtesy of Laura Little


Laura Little is a former CEO with over 10 years of business development, business marketing and strategy. In 2018 she launched her marketing consultancy company “That British Chick” helping startups and brands with creative ideas and strategy. Laura is a specialist at connecting people and prides herself in building ethical long-lasting relationships.

She is a photographer and author, and a graduate of The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

Laura is also an advocate for women in business and enjoys meeting new people, traveling and writing.

She currently resides in Manhattan NYC with her partner, son, and dog named Lucky.



Instagram: @IdeasLiveHere




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