My Daughter’s Nursery Debut

Sarah’s Nursery8

After some requests, I decided to post photos of my daughter’s nursery! I took these photos last week. Below are additional photos and a detailed description. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as my family and I enjoyed designing the room!

Description: Her colorful nursery, designed by her maternal grandparents as well as myself, incorporates furniture, books and decorative items that once belonged to me, my husband Kris, and Sarah’s uncle, including a vintage, handmade carousel horse, a Scottish family blanket and quilts, a white and floral lamp hanger, a wooden teddy bear toy chest, the Alice in Wonderland limited edition print, and vintage stuffed animals, with Beatrix Potter inspiration. Sarah’s nursery also includes wooden décor and furniture handmade by an old friend of the family, such as the toy chest and ballerina lamp. I wished for my daughter to have a room with splashes of color, filled with items that have been apart of my mother and father’s family for many years. The room is truly a melody of family and new beginnings.My husband and I did not know if we were having a boy or a girl, so we chose a light, mint green color for the nursery.  We knew we definitely wanted to incorporate a touch of Beatrix Potter with soft blues, greens and shades of yellow. When we joyfully discovered we were having a girl, we added garden subjects such as flowers and butterflies with shades of pink. I chose the hand painted artwork for Sarah’s crib, hamper and wastebasket from scenes from my favorite Peter Rabbit books. Her bookshelf is filled with my and my husband’s favorite books from when we were children and books that were given as gifts from family. In the room, there is a spacious, walk-in closet where her outfits, toys and wooden puzzles are kept. Lastly, we placed photos of both my myself and my husband when we were children along with her great-grandmother (Maryanna) on her bookshelf and dresser.

Decorating Style: Sarah’s room is bursting with color, nature and imagination. We were not aiming for a specific theme; instead, we decided to let our reflections of childhood mix with new pieces that Sarah can grow along with. Her room is sophisticated and fun with an essence of the countryside.

Project Details:

  • Crib, hamper and wastebasket: Art for Kids

Favorite Items: It would be impossible to choose a favorite item. Each piece in Sarah’s room holds a lot of meaning to our family and personality. As a child, I always cherished each toy, doll, game, blanket or any type of gift I received. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to pass down my sentimental items to Sarah.


  • Incorporate nostalgic items from loved ones and from your own collection, such as blankets, vintage toys, puzzles, and brilliant pictures and photos that tell a story. Remember that your baby will be very observant, so have items that your baby will be able to easily look at and admire.
  • For your changing table, be sure to have all necessities easily accessible: soaps, wash cloths, burp cloths, pads, hair brush, shampoo, etc. Baskets allow for easy, quick reaching.


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