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Nationwide Pet Jungle Cat Vanessa Gordon Amy

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Nationwide Pet.

Who knew that seeking out the best coverage for my favorite felines would also mean being rewarded? I am not just talking about being rewarded with love and affection by my two cats, Abby and Amy. I am also referring to Nationwide’s Ultimate Zoo Experience Sweepstakes. Now, when a pet owner gets a quote from Whole Pet with Wellness plan for their cat(s) during the promotional period, they will have a chance to win one of several prizes, including a special grand prize for one lucky winner!

nationwide pet jungle cats 2019 vanessa gordon

Amy, who you see pictured, came into our lives over three years ago when she was in desperate need of a home. Her owner abandoned her, and we took her in with open arms. She needed a great amount of care in the beginning, including deworming, flea treatment, and vaccinations. Abby is our second cat who we adopted almost ten years ago. She too is very sweet but I will just say that she is not the best when trying to be photographed, especially around strangers. 

Cat lovers will appreciate the great protection that Nationwide Pet offers. Quite considerably the best pet insurance plan ever made, those insured with Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness plan can get up to 90% back on eligible vet bills for everything from heartworm prevention to hereditary conditions. An added bonus? Members also enjoy 24/7 vet helpline access for any pet health question, plus the freedom to use any veterinarian. 

nationwide pet jungle cat sweepstakes vanessa gordon

Only the Best for Amy and Abby

That freedom is particularly very useful for us as we travel and live between two different states. There were also a few times where we needed veterinary assistance and advice at odd hours late at night. 

Join me in seeking the best pet insurance for cat lovers around the country. Nationwide has over thirty years experience of serving pet owners and is the first company to create an original pet health insurance product for America’s pets. Even if you have birds (I grew up with birds in our home) or even a wide range of exotic pets, Nationwide offers them coverage too. 

nationwide pet jungle cats 2019 sweepstakes vanessa gordon

Remember to Enter the Ultimate Zoo Experience Sweepstakes and get a quote from Nationwide Pet! Prizes include the monthly prize for five lucky winners: the jungle-themed cat climber, and of course the grand prize. The grand prize is a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the Columbus Zoo, admission to the Zoo, waterpark, and safari park, round-trip airfare for four, and a three-night hotel stay! You can also send an e-card to your friends and family for an extra chance to win. The promotion runs until December 31, 2019.