New Dunkin’ Donuts Italian Breakfast Ciabatta Sandwich on Long Island

Dunkin Donuts

On February 1st, participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations exclusively across Long Island introduced their new breakfast sandwich: Italian Breakfast Ciabatta Sandwich. The Long Island only sandwich is made up of a trio of Italian meats including capricola, mortadella and salami. It is topped with a pepper fried egg and American cheese on a freshly toasted Ciabatta roll. I visited the Dunkin’ Donuts location in Bridgehampton to try this new menu item.

I have been a proponent of Dunkin’ Donuts for many many years, and so has my family. My father, for example, loves to grab his usual cup of regular coffee with milk and sugar during the late mornings. My mom, brother, grandmother, and members of my extended family are also fans of Dunkin’ Donuts’ beverages, bagels, donuts, muffins, and of course their signature breakfast sandwiches. Some of my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts beverages and treats include their new Caramel Macchiato, the Pumpkin Spice Latte and pumpkin donut during the autumn months, Vanilla Chai, Dunkaccino®, and the Egg and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap®.

Dunkin Donuts Italian Breakfast Ciabatta Sandwich

The Italian Breakfast Ciabatta Sandwich was very comforting, and it filled me right up for the morning. I was pleasantly surprised by how authentically Italian the sandwich tasted. There was a subtle taste of pepper and spices, the ciabatta roll slices was as soft as two pillows, and the sandwich was served at a perfectly warm temperature. The breakfast sandwich pairs well with their classic medium hot coffee. I chose to order the sandwich with a side of hash browns, which my daughter gobbled up a with delight.

Dunkin’ Donuts Free Travel Refill Mug program launched on February 1st as well. The Free Travel Mug coupon is available to guests via the Dunkin’ Mobile App. This coupon can be brought into the stores to redeem the Free Travel Mug. After you receive your travel mug, you can then utilize it to receive the $1.69 Extra LargeHot/Iced Coffee refills through April 30, 2016.

What are your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts beverages and food items? // 631-537-0542


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