Specialty Food Friday: New Products from TerraNut

I cannot express enough how much I am enthralled with TerraNut. As a fitness trainer, I need to keep my energy level at its peak throughout most of the day while teaching at local boutique studios. Their P’Nut Punch is my favorite of their cold-pressed nut snacks; I keep these handy in my purse and always look forward to them post workout.

I was delighted to hear of their new products that were launched last month, including their Banana Punch individual morsels, and New Pop no skin popcorn that is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Since I am such a huge fan, it is no surprise that I featured TerraNut in my “Specialty Food Friday: 10 Best Things I Ate in 2015” and  “What’s In My Bag” article.

I really loved the Banana Punch made with 100% bananas. The only thing I would suggest is to decrease the amount of sugar coating as it is already slightly sweet from the banana. I would love to see TerraNut combine the peanut butter and banana punch for a truly unbeatable snack!

The popcorn has no skin, butter, salt, or oil and has a gently sweet, caramel taste. It was super easy to gobble a bag of these all up. I also received a bag of their quinoa and some chewy chocolate snacks that were delicious.

I recently visited North Fork Chocolate Company for some local pickles and freshly ground coffee, and spotted Terranut’s new and favorite products on their center table opposite the Chocolate Company’s homemade ice cream. Their products are also available for purchase online.


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