North Fork Foodie Tour 2016

Lavender By the Bay

This past Sunday, my family and I attended the 10th annual North Fork Foodie Tour that spanned from Riverhead to East Marion. As my favorite event on the North Fork, it is a rare opportunity to explore the bounties of Long Island’s wine country and farm stands while exploring methods of sustainable agriculture. On the tour, we tasted and purchased local goodies and took behind-the-scenes tour and many notable establishments.

Out of the 20 locations on the self-guided tour, we were able to make seven tops as this year we started at 12:30pm. Yet through these stops, we had the opportunity to explore how certain products are made such as the coffee roasting process at North Fork Roasting Co. and how different cheeses are crafted at Catapano Dairy Farm.

Below you find a selection of photographs that highlight each stop that my family and I made while on the tour:
Catapano Dairy Farm

Upon arrival to any tour stop, you turn in your tickets or internet receipt for a wristband and foodie tour guidebook. The guidebook includes specific program locations, a list of special guest speakers, and activities for children including a word search, word scramble and a scavenger hunt checklist.

Guest speakers for the 10th annual foodie tour included Captain Phil Karlin of North Fork Smoked Fish, Edward & Melissa Henrey of The Farm Beyond, Lily Dougherty-Johnson of Lily’s Farm, and Chef John Ross of the Suffolk Times.

Our stops this year, from beginning to end, included: Lavender by the Bay, North Fork Roasting Co., Surrey Lane Vineyards, Catapano Dairy Farm, Browder’s Birds, and Sang Lee Farms. My favorites included the chai latte at North Fork Roasting Co., Cabernet Franc and strawberry rhubarb jam at Surrey Lane Vineyards, and the Lavender Honey chèvre at Catapano Dairy Farm. Sarah loved the goats at Catapano and had the opportunity to pet some of them! They were so friendly and playful.

Surrey Lane Vineyards

Next year, we also hope to visit Satur Farms and Mar-Gene Farms, both locations we have never been to.

Read about my tour from 2015 here. // 631-734-2096 (phone number for North Fork Reform Synagogue)


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