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Coral Pink Peacock harem pants_Mediterranean Blue Peacock harem pants – Pai Walking Street

It is such an honor to be introduced to One Tribe Apparel. Founded in 2013, One Tribe Apparel is a Bohemian fashion brand that began when two travelers fell in love with Thailand’s Bohemian styles, and decided to bring them back to the west in a socially conscious way. The company sells artisan-crafted Harem pants, Aladdin pants, shorts, leggings, crochet tops, kimonos, boho handbags, and yoga bags. Harem pants are perfect for leisurewear, yoga, stretching, and wearing in warmer climates. These pants are full, free-flowing and are made of a soft material that is gathered at the ankle. One Tribe Apparel’s  Hareem pants are made of 100% bamboo rayon.

All of their products are sourced and made in Thailand by local artisans who are paid fair wages. For every purchase, a donation is made to the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand. The organization rescues and cares for endangered animals so they can roam freely in a safe environment.

Aquamarine Classic Elephant Harem Pants_Purple Classic Elephant Harem Pants_Purple Tribal Diamond Harem Pants – Elephant Nature Park

Recently, the company created the first International Crowdsourced Lookbook, which uses visual storytelling to showcase their unique styles across six continents and 16 countries. Their pieces are modeled exclusively by their customers.

My favorite pieces from their collection include:

Learn more about how you can help Elephant Nature Park. Donate directly to the Save Elephant Foundation.

Magic Blue Peacock harem pants_Bronze Honey Hive – Vlad

Purple Classic Elephant Harem Pants_Purple Tribal diamond harem pants – Elephant Nature Park

Purchase their pants, tops, and bags via their website. Free shipping is available on US orders over $60. One Tribe Apparel is also sold on Amazon.

*Photos courtesy of One Tribe Apparel


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