Help Keep Your Family Safe with OWL Safety Innovations

OWL Safety Innovations

With all that has been occurring in the United States these past couple of months, especially focusing on the flooding, heat, and hurricanes, I would like to introduce you to a new devise I have discovered that will help keep your family safe. OWL, or Open Windows for Life, is an American made credit card sized device that is the new generation auto escape tool. The compact size is perfect for keeping in your wallet and in your car in case of an emergency. From natural disasters and auto accidents to power failure and animals or children being left in a hot vehicle, OWL is a phenomenal tool for protecting loved ones as well as yourself from these emergencies. 

The OWL safety escape tool is able  break car windows and cut a seatbelt in a matter of seconds. After being introduced to this product, I would highly recommend it to anyone. I had always kept a Swiss army knife underneath my seat, but I find this product to be much more effective in what it is designed to do. I stick it discreetly on my visor in its bright green silicone holder so I know where it is at all times. You can also store it in your wallet.

OWL Safety Innovations

OWL Open Window for Life™ allows anyone to break glass as it acts as a spring and the seat belt cutter is designed so no cap is needed! It is two very important safety tools in one that is easy enough from to use from children to grandparents. In fact, OWL is 5X more powerful than a spring loaded device! It breaks glass outward and comes with an integrated, recessed razor.

OWL Open Window for Life™ is made in Michigan using the highest quality aircraft grade stainless steel components.

The compact size is unlike any product out there! It is available via their website and on Amazon. You may purchase two, one for you and a friend, for $29.95 or one for $19.95. Worldwide shipping is available.

See the auto window breaker below:


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